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  • Exam Fees up to $100/yr
  • Heartworm Tests up to $50/yr
  • Bloodwork up to $100/yr
  • Vaccines up to $50/yr


  • Exam Fees up to $100/yr
  • Heartworm Tests up to $50/yr
  • Bloodwork up to $100/yr
  • Vaccines up to $50/yr
  • Grooming up to $100/yr
  • Flea/Tick/Heatworm Meds up to $300/yr


  • 5 Projects
  • 2GB Storage
  • Unlimited users
  • No time tracking
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  • 7 Projects
  • 3GB Storage
  • Unlimited users
  • No time tracking
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What Wagmo is all about

Why we do it

We think all doggos should have access to basic health care, and we know it's a pain to locate, schedule, and track services like vaccinations, grooming appointment, and preventative meds.

What we offer

A monthly wellness plan that will reimburse Wagmo members for routine care services that keep dogs healthy and happy. You can visit our favorite providers, or use your own!

How we do it

To help us keep our costs down, we've partnered with some awesome service providers that we know you'll love. When you join Wagmo, we'll have you fill out a basic user / dog profile that will help us recommend the best options in your area.


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Sara Remsen


I canceled pet insurance after a few months because it just didn't feel useful. I love Wagmo's approach because it was easy to get reimbursed for the things that I'm already doing for Rue, such as annual physicals, grooming, and monthly heartworm / tick meds.

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Courtney Freeman


Finding out about the launch of Wagmo was like a godsend since our newest family member Gus had just come home! In researching pet insurance, I was shocked that wellness activities were generally not included in those policies. Wagmo fills that gap in the most affordable fashion. We’ve only had Wagmo for a week and already come out even on the policy for the year, with money left to spend!

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Trina Pappadia


Finally, a wellness plan that cares about us as pet parents. These plans do not require a deductible and reimbursement is fast and easy. There is not another plan out there that covers grooming and flea and tick medications, which add up quickly. We love Wagmo!

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