Offer your clients a pet wellness benefit

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Wagmo offers ongoing support throughout the life of a pet

Give your clients an immediate financial benefit they’ll love while helping their pets stay healthy for a lifetime.

Unbundled pet wellness benefit - seamless integration

Unlike old school pet insurance offerings, Wagmo's employer offering can be embedded directly in the open enrollment flow, driving meaningfully higher uptake and utilization rates.

Here’s what sets us apart 
from the rest

Comprehensive Wellness plans

Tailored options for preventive care, addressing diverse pet parent needs

High enrollment rates

Proven success with up to 20% enrollment, driving client satisfaction

Seamless integration

Effortless compatibility with existing benefits platforms, ensuring a smooth experience.

Customizable engagement materials

Webinars, one-pagers, and videos designed to match client branding and communication needs

Dedicated support

Expert broker assistance, ensuring your clients receive exceptional service and experience

Competitive edge

Enhance your offerings with a standout, innovative pet wellness solution that sets you apart

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Flexible plan options

Wagmo understands that every company is unique, which is why we offer pet wellness plan packages that are flexible and scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes

Employee paid plans

Voluntary, flexible and fully-inclusive for affordable, proactive pet care.

Employer paid plans

For employers that want to provide fully-paid options to manage talent and retention.

“With Wagmo, our clients saw a 20% enrollment rate, enhancing client satisfaction and differentiating our offerings in the market."