If you live in a city and are considering buying/adopting a dog, there are a few things you should take into consideration..

First, your dog will need to *ahem* relieve himself several times a day. Of course, this is true of dogs everywhere, but becomes slightly more complicated in cities. There is no “I’ll just let him loose backyard” (it’ll decompose soon enough right?) and no “forgot a bag, but I don’t think anyone saw; let’s walk really quickly” (de-comp-o-sition). In a densely populated city, it’s important to always be prepared and willing to scoop the poop, even in the middle of Fifth Ave, Newbury St, or Melrose Ave. Looking for tips on how to potty train your pup when you live on the 15th floor? Check out this article for a pretty good overview, or send us a note - we’ve done it many times!

You’ll also need to find creative ways to keep your dog active as he or she will most likely spend most of the day cooped up in an apartment. Unfortunately, SoulCycle doesn’t offer classes for the four-legged so when you’re getting home tired from a long day or work, Fido’s day will just be getting started.

Depending on the dog breed, a quick bathroom break outside sometimes won’t cut it. Long walks are ideal if you have the time. Otherwise, take a quick trip to the dog park where your dog can tire his or herself out with neighborhood friends. If you think your dog might be a fitness fanatic, doggie treadmills are another option. I’ve even read that running up and down the apartment stairs with your dog can be a good form of exercise, although I can’t imagine that scenario ending without several irritated neighbors and one wheezing dog owner.

There are a few more things to consider that should be fairly obvious. Make sure your apartment is fairly puppy-proofed and any access to a fire escape is blocked. Unless you’re running for least-liked tenant of your building, make sure you train your dog not to bark all day. But all in all, owning a dog in the city isn’t impossible. A dog might be the perfect pet to transform your overpriced studio apartment into a home. A dog can also be an excellent social plug. My brother once said he had never been approached by more girls than when he was walking the family dog through the streets of Boston. Funnily enough, the one he ended up marrying hates the dog, so go figure.

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