We’ve all been there. The view is perfect, but you can’t squash the nagging..

guilt that Rusty would really have enjoyed that hike. However, curing the doggie FOMO comes at a steep price. If you think traveling with a small child is a challenge, you’ve never taken a dog on vacation. So, before you book a trip for you and your furry friend, make sure you’ve got a few things under control.

Make sure your dog is able to control his bladder before taking him on any long trips. Taking your 8-week-old puppy to on your tropical vacation may seem like a good idea (think of the Instagram opportunities), but at what cost? Imagine trying to conceal the stench of urine from fellow airline passengers! Ergo, be sure your dog has completely mastered his potty-training before embarking on any kind of getaway. As a preventive measure, make sure your dog has relieved his or herself before boarding a plane or getting in the car for a long car ride.

Flying with a dog, even a well behaved one, is tricky since you need to meet all kinds of restrictions regarding the size of the dog, the carrier, and where on the plane the dog is allowed. Call or research your specific airline ahead of time to make sure your pup meets the qualifications.

Driving with a dog doesn’t have as much regulation, but is still not without its complications. Make sure your dog is used to being in a car before embarking on a long ride. This will minimize your likelihood of having to clean vomit. Your dog should also be in a comfortable area of the car. If she or he is easily excitable, tie her or him to a seat or use a dog crate. It should go without saying, but never put your dog on the roof of the car. Looking at you, Mitt Romney.

Vacationing isn’t all about the journey. Make sure wherever you’re staying at your final destination is pet-friendly and be considerate of other guests. No one wants their honeymoon getaway ruined by Bowser’s barking all night long. Also, be prepared with plenty of dog food, toys, and treats to keep your dog happy throughout vacation.

Enjoy your trip!

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