As much as we at Wagmo love dog hugs when entering a room..

it has come to our attention that not everyone appreciates being welcomed by a big sloppy kiss and two dirty paws straight to the gut.

We did our research and talked to some professional trainers, and here are some things that have helped settle even the most springy of breeds:

1. Ignore your dog until it settles down - Sure it's hard when they're so happy to see you, but think about it - by acknowledging them and petting them you're actually encouraging that behavior. Instead of teaching them that jumping gets them love, try asking them to sit once they've settled down and give them oodles of love for that easy win.

2. Give treats and rewards near the ground. If you can catch your dog while he's in an excited state, lead his nose down to the ground and deliver the treat there while he has all fours on the ground. It's a form of "capture training," where you reward the dog for accidentally doing the right thing. Eventually, you will condition them to expect treats/toys/pets down low - making jumping a less attractive option.

3. Train your dog to sit when a person walks up to them (or enters the door). To do this, you'll need a leash for your dog and a willing participant to walk in and out of a door a bunch of times. Tell your dog to sit, and reward him for staying seated as the person enters and walks closer to him. It will have to be a gradual process, so work in 15 min bouts and work when your dog is hungry (treats are more exciting then!).

At the end of the day, all dogs are cute (obviously!!) but should we be a little bit more aware of the fact that the little ones use their cuteness against us?

While the barking may be tolerable, letting a dog be the dominant member in the house means training is going to be especially difficult. Be sure to establish yourself as the (kind) pack leader as soon as possible.

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