Deciding whether a pet needs insurance coverage or a wellness plan can be confusing. At times, pet owners find insurance plans costly or don’t make sense, depending on their age. Pet insurance with a wellness plan can be a great all-around choice, especially if you need to microchip or to neuter your pet in the first year.

In most cases, pet insurance companies require pet owners to sign up for an insurance plan and offer the wellness cover as an optional add-on. However, not all companies offer this addition to the illness coverage in their insurance plan. Here are some of the reasons pet parents should consider pet insurance with the routine care add-on.

What does a wellness plan cover?

1. Comprehensive exams

One of the reasons why pet owners should embrace an insurer with pet wellness plans is because it offers comprehensive exams. Since pets naturally age more quickly than humans, they need regular checkups. It is essential to give pets regular vet visits at least once or twice per year. It can be expensive for pet parents, but with an optimum wellness membership, they are covered.

The comprehensive exam is an in-depth checkup that assesses the pet's overall health. This service is crucial because it develops a baseline of wellness information. During the checkup, a vet can detect any health issue which can be taken care of right away. That prevents an underlying disease from going undetected and affecting the wellbeing of the pet along with requiring expensive vet bills.

2. Preventive care services

A pet health insurance policy with a wellness option also covers preventive care services. Preventive care services help in ensuring that a pet stays healthy. The service also aids in the early detection of diseases, which allows for better prognosis and more treatment options.

Preventive health care services may include spay/neuter, fecal test, urinalysis, x-rays, vaccinations, heartworm tests, titer tests, deworming, blood test, and many more.  The fecal exam monitors intestinal irregularities and parasites while vaccinations cover the booster shots and routine vaccines such as rabies. The wellness option features the recommended regular diagnostic testing and vaccines for pets to ensure the pet owners stay up to date with their pet's health.

3. Dental care

One of the diseases that affect pets most is dental disease. Unfortunately, dental conditions in pets can be more severe than just gingivitis or bad breath. Failure to treat dental diseases can lead to tooth loss, painful infections, and even chronic illnesses like kidney and heart diseases.

A pet insurance policy with wellness add-on care coverage for dental care usually covers dental cleaning and some procedures. That includes professional teeth cleaning, oral exams, extractions, anesthesia, as well as comprehensive oral health assessments and treatments.

4. Additional wellness care options

With wellness coverage, pet owners can also add routine care plan options personalized depending on their pet’s needs. For example, they can include grooming in their pet’s plan to cover the pet's general cleanliness, heartworm prevention, and microchipping.

The Bottom Line

Every pet owner should sign up for pet insurance with a wellness plan with nationwide coverage. Such coverage ensures their pet's veterinary care is taken care of through early diagnosis and preventive care without common exclusions.

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