Cool, you raised money — but what is Wagmo?

Wagmo is a pet healthcare company designed to make pet parenting easier and more affordable. Our first-of-its-kind Wellness plan helps pet parents budget for and access preventive and routine care like vaccines, exam fees, and grooming. Our Insurance plan covers your emergency expenses like surgeries, cancer treatment, and x-rays.

You can read more about our products here!

Who’s in charge over there?

Wagmo is founded by Christie Horvath and Ali Foxworth, two BlackRock alumni with a passion for pets and insurance. While a lot of people love pets, not a lot of people love insurance — so our founders decided they’d lean into their strange predilection and figure out a way to make pet insurance something pet parents LOVE — not just another bill they dread paying.

The journey to founding Wagmo began with an experience every pet owner fears most — an urgent medical emergency. During Christie's second year at Harvard, her dog, Denver, began experiencing grand mal seizures. Frightened, she took her Denver to a veterinarian expecting prompt and thorough treatment. Instead, she was presented with insurance paperwork that would obligate her to pay thousands of dollars before they would even touch Denver. As a student making zero income, this was an incredibly stressful decision, but she was willing to go into debt to save her dog’s life.

What she experienced at the veterinarian's office that day was so traumatizing that she decided to reinvent the pet insurance industry all on her own. No pet parent should have to make such a life-altering decision with no assistance. Up until that point, choosing pet insurance was an incredibly frustrating and confusing experience — Christie expected more. What the industry needed most was transparency and real support for pets, and from that, Wagmo was born.

So, what are you using $12.5 million for?

The pet care industry is booming! It’s estimated that the U.S. pet industry reached $99 billion last year as the pandemic led to record-high levels of pet adoption. Wagmo is leading the way in offering quality pet care solutions for all with a $12.5 million Series A financing led by Revolution Ventures, with participation from return investors Clocktower Technology Ventures, Female Founders Fund, and Vestigo Ventures.

With this funding, we’ll continue to offer innovative, tech-first solutions and product features to keep pets healthy, and pet parents' lives stress-free. We’ll keep focusing on growing our list of meaningful partnerships to connect pet parents to more resources, all while increasing our diverse team of pet-loving nerds. Wellness will still continue to be at the core of Wagmo, as we believe in ensuring comprehensive coverage for all cat and dog owners regardless of age, breed, or preexisting conditions.

What’s the vibe like at Wagmo?

Our two pet-loving, insurance guru founders Christie and Ali lead the way in revolutionizing the pet care experience while cultivating a fun and inclusive team culture. With core values like empathy, transparency, and agility, Wagmo is raising the bar for insurance companies nationwide.

“What sets Wagmo apart is our relentless focus on helping our members navigate their pet parenting journey – from the moment they bring them home to the golden years. Our products are designed to be transparent, useful, and complementary to the joy people experience with their furry family members,” said Horvath.

What does a day in the life of Wagmo look like?

Let’s be real — most of our days start with some coffee and taking the dog for a poo. Afterwards, we meet with our team for a virtual daily standup to align on the day’s priorities. At some point, you’ll duck out for a run or a workout, and share it in the #healthywagmo slack channel. There’s probably a cross-department meeting where leaders from sales, engineering, marketing, and product get together to jam on an awesome opportunity in the pipeline. ‘How on earth are we going to pull that off?’ you’ll ask, but 30 minutes later you’ve figured it out and are pushing the ball forward. You log on to the Discord #watercooler channel to decompress and share a story about your cat, then wrap up the day with some inbox cleanup. You update the team on your progress and are logged off by 6 pm to spend time with your family.

Is Wagmo hiring?

Yes! We have a bunch of open roles, and are always looking for talented, pet-obsessed people to join the team. And if you don’t see a role open that’s a fit, feel free to send us an email at with a note introducing yourself.