Whether you just got your first puppy or you have a senior dog who is starting to need some extra help, considering dog wellness plans or insurance plans can be beneficial as preventative insurance or help to provide immediate relief.

Never Too Soon For Wellness

Pet wellness plans, or preventative plans, are there to help cover the cost of routine pet care. These are usually things you would be paying for anyways to keep your pet healthy, but with a plan, it is no longer out of pocket.

Our Wagmo Wellness Plan is made for every pet and every pet owner. Starting as low as $20 a month it is the perfect way to keep your pet as healthy as possible and it offers you peace of mind.

And, just because your dog is young and healthy does not mean Wellness cannot offer great benefits right away! Here are some potential costs that even puppies (and kittens!) can occur in their first couple years of life:

Vaccination Coverage

Wagmo pet wellness plans cover 2 vaccines per year. This is an instant benefit right after you sign up to one of our wellness plans. Pet insurance and wellness coverage begins immediately, so you don’t need to worry about your financial situation.  Puppies require a few different vaccinations at the beginning of life and Wagmo is happy to help kick start your new pets journey without the financial worry. Here are the most common vaccinations needed for dogs:

Required (core) vaccinations:

  • DHPP: Distemper, adenovirus [hepatitis], parainfluenza, and parvovirus
  • Rabies: Required by law every 1 - 3 years
  • And any others recommended by your veterinarian

Optional vaccinations:

  • Bordetella
  • Influenza
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Coronavirus

You can get the DHPP vaccine as early as 6 - 8 weeks. Rabies from 16 - 18 weeks, and then proof of rabies shot will be needed every 1 - 3 years after that, as required by law.

The average cost of core vaccines is between $75 - $100 / shot. Sometimes boosters and optional vaccines will be slightly more affordable. With a Wagmo Wellness Plan, you can get reimbursed for these vaccination costs within 24-hours of submitting your receipt! This can be done via Venmo, PayPal, or bank transfer.

Routine Health Coverage

There are certain routine things that every pet owner should consider to ensure their animal stays happy and healthy throughout their life. Including services that keep them smelling and looking fresh.

Office visits like annual exams, office calls, technician appointments, and mobile/in-home exams can become common as our pets age or if you simply have questions for your vet. Pet owners without wellness coverage or insurance can at times avoid bringing their animals to the vet due to potential costs. With a pet wellness plan, you get one visit per year, so if something seems off with your pet you can breathe easy about getting them checked out.

Routine blood work and fecal tests are also included and are great ways to stay ahead of all different types of common health conditions. If you’re able to catch something early the odds of reversing a condition or curing it can increase significantly.

Options For Additional Coverage

A perk of a pet wellness plan is that you can customize it to fit your animal’s needs.

If you just want some peace of mind for your sweet, gentle dog that loves its naps, then a value plan could be perfect for you. But if you have a hyper, super hairy dog that loves to roll in the dirt and put everything in its mouth, you might opt for a classic or deluxe plan for additional coverage:

  • Flea / Tick / Heartworm medications
  • Grooming: nail trims, gland expressions, and of course, the standard wash and cut.
  • Dental Care: professional teeth cleaning & associated expenses.

Our classic plan includes everything but dental.

Is Pet Wellness Worth It?

A wellness plan allows pet owners to get reimbursed for services they would be paying for anyways! It’s a win for the wallet and a win for the animal’s health.

Insurers that offer wellness plans allow your dog to get the benefit of a very low premium in exchange for coverage on annual checkups, basic exam fees, vaccinations, and heart-worm prevention. On the other hand, if your dog is prone to issues that could require hospitalization or surgery, then it's a good idea to start pricing online quotes for insurance services.

The Wagmo team is here to help you shape the perfect insurance and/or pet wellness plan for you and your budget. Not sure where to start? Take our online questionnaire to see which customized plan might suit you best.

Wagmo supplies peace of mind.