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Protecting your fur family so you don't have to worry where you sleeping dog lies
Protecting your fur family so you don't have to worry where you sleeping dog lies

Spring’s finally here, and we’re outside enjoying activities and having a blast after a long winter. Unfortunately, that means the Terrible Trio is out in full force too, posing a threat to our furry kids and to us.

Even if your dog lives a cushy indoor life, even a single walk outdoors can leave them exposed to fleas and ticks.

While fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can all survive, thrive and infect during the winter months, they're certainly more prevalent when it’s warm.

These parasites transmit diseases we’ve all heard too much about. Lyme, Anaplasma, Ehrlicia and Heartworm Disease to name a few. Flea infestations can be a huge headache, and one flea bite can send an allergic individual into a tailspin of skin eruptions, scratching and discomfort.

Apart from the fact that it’s easier and more affordable to prevent these scenarios rather than treat them when it’s too late, protecting our furry kids is something we should all do. Luckily, preventing the transmission of disease is easy with a variety of products that are safe, tasty and easily administered.

Today you can find products that are orally administered (read: meds disguised as dog treats!), topical (the serum you put behind the dog’s shoulders), or in collar form. There are pros/cons to each type, but all of them safely and effectively target the nervous system of The Trio, rendering them unable to live on your furry long enough to transmit disease.

Does your dog visit the dog park? This is a common place for them to pick up unwanted critters!

Talk with your veterinary healthcare team to decide the best products to help protect your furry kid. They’ll guide you, answer questions, and be there when you need them.

The cost of this peace of mind and protection is much less than your daily cup of joe. Why take the

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