Pet wellness plans provide pet wellness benefits that include reimbursement for routine, preventative veterinary care for pets. These plans take the often prohibitive cost of paying upfront for preventative pet care and spread it out over time. Unlike pet insurance, pet wellness plans cover preventative care costs.

Pet wellness employee benefits can offer a great deal of financial security and peace of mind for your employees. Employers are adding a pet wellness plan to their flexible employee benefits. Many are researching what makes a good wellness plan.

To make the search easier, take a look at this list of key wellness plan benefits.


A pet wellness plan provides financial security and ensures an employee can cover the health requirements of a pet over time. Ease of submitting claims and speed in reimbursement ensure there’s no stress waiting for payment. A good wellness plan will process claims and reimburse costs quickly and efficiently. A good wellness plan's coverage will come into effect immediately, so clients won’t have to wait to receive the benefits.


Fussy paperwork and the inconvenience of submitting paper receipts are gone. A modern wellness company offers straightforward, accessible online claims that can be placed on the phone, on the go. A pet wellness plan must be flexible to suit a customer's needs. The customer needs to be able to submit claims easily and receive reimbursement in any way a client chooses. Many people use alternative forms of banking like Paypal, and a good wellness plan should accommodate their needs.


The coverage offered by a pet wellness plan is distinctly different from pet insurance. Pet insurance will reimburse costs associated with emergency pet health care. A pet wellness plan will cover a wide range of regular, preventative expenses. To ensure comprehensive coverage, you should have the following types of care included in the plan:

Spaying, neutering, vaccination, and chipping

The first year of owning a pet is the most expensive, especially if you're adopting a kitten, puppy, or younger animal. Spaying or neutering your pet is a significant one-time expense. Getting the required vaccinations and chipping are also costly. Put together all at once, these costs could be preventative for pet owners. Some pet owners delay or skip necessary care steps because the cash outlay is too much all at once. When a wellness plan spreads them out, these costs become manageable.


Untreated dental issues can cause discomfort, tooth loss, infections, and severe diseases. Most pet insurance plans don’t include preventative dental coverage despite these issues. Pet dental bills add up quickly and become incredibly expensive. Your employee can avoid huge emergency bills with proper ongoing dental care.

Preventative care and testing

Preventative care means your pet will stay healthier longer. Regular blood testing can also help catch and treat a harmful disease. Treating parasites can stave off discomfort, severe illness, and future veterinary costs. These preventative care options ensure the best possible quality of life for a pet, ongoing employee pet wellness, and allow the employee to save on more expensive medical expenses in the future.


A pet wellness plan should be affordable and straightforward. Some pet wellness providers offer the service as an addition to their pet insurance plans which can be confusing. Clarity of price and care in your company's wellness plan avoids misunderstandings.

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