Lockdown puppies have been spoiled with love as many human parents have been able to work from home during the pandemic, and transitioning into normal routine again might call for wellness plans for dogs to be considered. Many young dogs know nothing different than someone always being around.

Now that the world is opening back up, many pets will experience the shock of being alone more often or being around more hustle and bustle. Pet parenting can start to get a little hard.  In this blog, we offer some tips to ease this transition for your animal!


With the spread of Covid-19 slowing down we are seeing many businesses, dog parks, and different areas become open again to the public. This might mean that your puppy is now getting exposed to more humans and furry friends on walks or if they join you in the office.

Socializing your dog with other dogs and humans helps them prepare for the outside world. When you are out for walks, praise and treat your puppy any time they see another dog. If they want to stop and watch that dog walk by, let them! It would also be helpful to ask some friends to come over and dogsit, exposing them to new humans.

It would also be a good idea to get your dog used to ‘unexpected’ sounds and incidents. This can help them stay calm when experiencing something for the first time.

For example, wear your face mask around them to get them used to that. Do an at-home workout and jump around near them. Let them experience the garbage truck or delivery man when out on walks.


If you’re signed up for our pet wellness plan and want to bring your dog to the doggy dentist or groomer, they need to be okay with people handling them. This is also super important for vet visits to help keep them calm! Touch them as much as you can to get them used to it!

Rub their paws, nails, mouth, ears, eyes, tails, at least 3 times a week. Once you finish, give them some treats to praise them. Grooming and brushing them at least 3-5 times a day, praising them, and petting them as you do so. If your dog doesn’t like this try freezing peanut butter on a spoon and let them enjoy while you brush.

Introducing your dogs to new people early on can help ease anxiety when in public. This helps prepare them for the influx of strangers who are going to want to pet them by getting them used to different types of pets.


Creating a routine for your dog, and having them on a set schedule can help them easily transition when you go back to school or work full time. They should be eating, sleeping, going for walks, and playing at the same time every day.

Leave them in their crate or safe space for 2-4 hours a day to help them get used to being alone. If your pup gets upset when they are left, give them an extra special chew bone or treat that they only get during this time. You can also put on the radio or TV to help them feel less alone.

Don’t get the dog too excited when you’re about to leave, they pick up on energy and can get stressed. Maybe make your leaving be a positive experience for the dog and offer them a treat when you leave the house, or simply don’t make it a big ordeal and slowly walk out.

Watch For Signs Of Stress

If a dog is feeling stressed from being alone or around new people they will show signs. Whining, peeing on the rug, biting the furniture, or barking at every passerby or squirrel. If you notice this is happening, or come home to a mess every day, your dog is showing you they are afraid of being alone. This is a sign they need more training.

Make sure to never leave them alone for too long. 12+ hour stretches are too long as every dog needs to go outside, socialize with other dogs and humans. Even giving them a solid 30 minutes of attention when you get home can turn a stressed dog into a happier one.

If your puppy's whining is non stop while you're out it might be time to call in an expert, whether that's a veterinary behaviorist, the vet or a dog sitter. Stress treatment plans cover a combination of a behavior modification plan and medications depending on the plan you pick. Pet insurance for dogs covers these vet costs at a more affordable rate. Our insurance covers for you during your most stressful moments.