Pet wellness plans are a very popular means through which pet owners can save money on preventive care. While they work similarly, wellness coverage for pets differs from regular pet insurance in some significant ways. We're going to examine how this preventative care is unique and why it is worth the monthly payments as an aside to typical health care coverage for your best furry friends.

An Addition to Your Pet Insurance Policy

Wellness plans for dogs are not a standalone plan that you can obtain. Instead, they are an add-on to your traditional pet insurance policy. Now, some may question why pet insurance plans offer to provide this service. The goal is to promote pet health by encouraging pet owners to take part in veterinary care that might be ignored otherwise. Too many people do not take their pets to the veterinarian for routine care; instead, they worry about having to pay a deductible for the checkups. Yet, preventative care is a major source of positive health outcomes for dogs, and that is why wellness coverage offers to provide some reimbursement for adding this coverage for an adult dog.  

Wellness Coverage: Multiple Layers of Coverage

Another thing to realize about wellness plans for dogs is that there are different tiers. Different plans cover different elements of wellness care. So, what are some of the elements that you can expect your wellness coverage to help with? For one, they will help you with annual exams, and they are crucial in the early detection of health issues with your dog. During these veterinary visits, you can work with your veterinarian to establish your pet's needs at the time and in the future.

The wellness exam will often outline the course of treatment that your dog needs. Wellness plans can aid with a physical exam that can turn up health problems. Other common services offered by these plans are heartworm prevention, heartworm tests, microchipping, vaccinations, deworming, and more. These forms of treatment are very important to have during the first year of your dog's life.

Some of the higher tiers of wellness plans will include neutering and spaying as part of the plan along with urinalysis, fecal exams, and even x-rays. Spay/neuter services and teeth cleaning (along with other dental services) are major forms of preventative care, and they are joined with blood tests on the list of important services offered by some high-end wellness plans.

Choosing the Right Pet Insurance Company and Plan

How do you know that you have the right plan for you? It's a matter of consulting your veterinarian about the specific needs of your dog. Do you want to pay a little more out of pocket and get a dental cleaning, blood work, microchips, and other parts of your dog's care plan?

If so, then it is probably a good idea to start looking into the essential wellness plans that are available as an attachment to your pet's health insurance policy. That way, you can ensure they have the best wellness care available and still fall in line with your needs in terms of pricing.

Obtaining the best wellness plans for dogs can help you cut down on your vet bills throughout your pet's lifetime. Additionally, you will gain peace of mind that comes when you know your pet's health is being frequently examined. Discover your pet's needs and get the coverage you desire.