Pet owners often have the same beliefs about their health as they do about pet health. We think that we probably won't need to get a checkup once a year, so we don't often take preventative measures for our pets either. However, pet health and wellness plans should be considered as they can keep your pet healthy for longer and keep you from spending much more money on veterinary medicine.

For our furry family members, preventative care and wellness care can mean going to yearly checkups and maintaining animal care throughout your pet's life. Many times, pet parents choose to buy pet insurance to help cover costs, and usually when pet care is maintained, your pet's needs can be met at lower costs through prevention.

Preventative Care

Whether you have a local veterinarian or you go to a pet wellness center, there is certain care that your pet should have. Yearly checkups can detect heartworms as well as make sure that your pet's health isn't declining. The best veterinary care will always include wellness care.

Spay and Neuter

Unless you plan on breeding your dog or cat, you should consider spaying or neutering them. To spay or neuter your pet not only means that you'll keep your pet from reproducing, but often it can prevent health issues further down the line. Spaying helps prevent uterine infections as well as breast tumors. Neutering can prevent testicular cancers and reduce prostate problems.


Every year, your dog or your cat should get vaccinations. The vaccinations recommended for animal care are meant to prevent certain common illnesses, like kennel cough and parvo, which are more likely to occur in animals that are more social, go to dog parks, or spend time with many other animals. Since some of the illnesses can cause death or rack up veterinary bills, vaccinations are a cost-effective way of keeping your pet healthy.


One of the most overlooked parts of pet health is dental care. Many pet owners don't know that pets should have their teeth brushed at least a few times a week to prevent dental disease. Dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease can cause declining health in your pet and cause more medical expenses later on. Dental disease can start in animals before they are even a year old, so dental care is important.

Other Wellness Care

While spaying and neutering, getting vaccinations, and keeping your pet's dental health in check are all important, they are not only forms of wellness care.


Microchips don't necessarily improve your pet's health, but they can help keep your pet safe. If your pet has a microchip, and they get lost or taken, they are much easier to find and bring them home.


Dermatology isn't always necessary for some animals. However, taking care of your dog's or your cat's skin is a good way to keep them healthy. Some pets have food allergies that can cause their skin to break out and cause more health issues in the future. Certain shampoos and conditioners can make their skin stay healthy as well.

A Well Pet

During times of Covid, it can be difficult to get to the veterinarian to maintain your pet's health. However, many veterinary clinics and pet wellness centers have curbside checkups, so it's now easier and faster than ever to take care of your pet's needs.