TL;DR: Wagmo is Not Your Average Old School Insurance Company.

When we set out to build Wagmo, we started by asking ourselves and our pet-parent friends, “What would make your life as a pet parent easier?”

We heard:

  • “Help me figure out what’s best for my pet.”
  • “Help paying for routine care.”
  • “Discounts on things like training, grooming, and toys.”

But old-school pet insurance doesn’t do any of this — and that wasn’t working for us. Here’s why:

1. Too many choices

Instead of helping us figure out what option is best for our pet, we felt bogged down by pet health insurance options and, frankly, had no idea which plan was the right one. Choosing the best care for your pet should be easy!

With the info you provide, we’ll not only generate a unique price based on your situation, but we’ll also recommend the right combination of products based on your pet’s age, breed, and the cost of care in your location. And, unlike others, we’re not afraid to tell you Wagmo may not be for you. We’re here to help, not to blindly take your money.

2. Sketchy loopholes in small print

Ever read between the lines and discover what you wanted isn’t what you signed up for? There are always loopholes and exclusions you don’t realize when signing up. Then, when faced with an emergency, you’re left hopeless! We don’t believe in the small print. We’ll tell you all the deets upfront. Check out our sample policy doc if you don’t believe us.

3. Hidden costs

Add-ons often house the most important pet health insurance coverage needs for your pet. You’ll see hidden costs on your monthly bill… (No one has time for that!) We do have to charge some fees and taxes because…insurance. But we’ll list them clearly and keep them to a minimum.

4. Six-week  claim processing

Who wants to wait six weeks to get reimbursed? Not us! Most pet insurance companies will make you wait weeks until the reimbursements hit your bank account. Wagmo’s handy online claims tool makes getting reimbursed easy. Snap a pic of your receipt any time, 24/7. We’ll reimburse you before you finish re-watching Friends.

5. No coverage for wellness care

Traditional pet health insurance doesn’t cover exam fees, vaccines, routine blood work, even grooming. These are the everyday essentials that cost pet owners more every year. We cover them! Wagmo’s flagship product is our Wellness Plan that helps you access the best routine care for your pet, without worrying about those $300 vet visits.

6. Wellness coverage that requires you to sign up for insurance

We get it. Not everybody is ready to sign up for a pet insurance plan. Maybe it doesn’t even make sense given your pet’s age / the cost of care where you live. Totally fine by us, and we are not here to push a product you don’t want or need.

With Wagmo’s pet health coverage, you can pick and choose the products you want, no bundling required. If you only need wellness, only get wellness! We won’t make you sign up for insurance first, but you can always add it on later if you’d like.  

7. Paying for things you’re never going to use

Arguably the most annoying thing is when you spend money on things you don’t ever use. Old school pet insurance companies throw in care such as prosthetics and orthopedics. Odds are, you won’t even use these features!

Things like “unlimited lifetime coverage!” sound impressive, but you’ll likely never need it, believe us when we say you are definitely paying for it. We’re pet owners ourselves, and we built a pet health insurance plan you’ll actually use without paying for stuff you don’t need.

What Traditional Pet Health Insurance Does Well

OK, so we didn’t hate everything about traditional pet insurance. Here’s what we did like:

1. Emergency care coverage

Unfortunately, one in three pets have unexpected emergencies annually, which can leave pet owners with outrageously high emergency care bills. Emergency care coverage is a must, especially for the highly active pets that might experience playtime injuries or get into something they shouldn’t (we see you, counter surfers).

2. Coverage for cancer and hereditary conditions

You can count on most decent pet health insurance plans to cover cancer treatment at no additional cost. This includes surgeries, treatment, and follow-up visits so you can ensure your pet gets the highest quality care.

*Rates are representative based on a quote and are subject to change*

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Wagmo: Pet Health Coverage FAQs

What are wellness plans?

Unlike pet insurance, Wagmo Wellness plans reimburse you for the routine care you are already doing for your pet. Our pet wellness plan includes things like vet visits, grooming, and more.

What’s co-insurance and why does it matter?

Co-insurance is where some of our competitors like to get a bit sneaky. Traditionally, even after the deductible, your old-school insurance company will still only pay for a portion of the bill.

Let’s say you had one of our competitor’s products with 80% co-insurance, meaning you’re still on the hook for 20% of the bill.

On Fluffy’s same $2,000 vet bill, you’ll pay a $500 deductible, and you’ll have to pay 20% of the remaining $1,500 — that’s another $300 out of your pocket.

But not here! All Wagmo plans have 100% co-insurance.

What’s a deductible?

Your deductible is what you’re required to pay to cover costs. A deductible is an insurance company’s way of making sure you have some skin in the game. A higher deductible means lower monthly payments.

Let’s say you opt for Wagmo’s $500 deductible plan. One day, Fluffy got into something toxic, and now you have a $2,000 vet bill. You’d pay the first $500, and Wagmo would reimburse you the remaining $1,500. The deductible resets every year.

Wagmo plans let you choose from three deductible options: $500, $750, or $1000

What do I need to know about a max payout?

A lifetime limit is the maximum we will reimburse you over the lifetime of your pet.Wagmo will cover up to $100,000 in claims over a pet’s lifetime.

Some sneaky players out there will sell you unlimited lifetime coverage and charge you way more for it. We did the math, and very rarely does a pet’s lifetime payout exceed $50k. We don’t want you to pay for coverage you won’t use, so we capped it at $100k to make sure you’re protected but not getting ripped off.