Wondering how to submit your first Wagmo Pet Insurance claim? Wagmo wellness plans and insurance plans offer the easiest and fastest claims process and reimbursement out there. Often, nationwide pet insurance claims forms can be intimidating and involve a variety of paperwork and frustration.

However, if you’re using Wagmo wellness plans and insurance plans, it couldn’t be easier. Whether you need cat insurance or dog wellness plans, we have you covered with easy claims and speedy reimbursements. Better yet, we’ve prepared this quick guide to explain the process.

Your guide to Wagmo pet insurance claims

Much of the time, nationwide pet insurance claims involve a ton of complex steps and terminology. With Wagmo pet insurance claims, you can forget all about that. Your Wagmo claim will be processed in a few easy steps. You just need to…

  • Sign up
  • Pick your plan
  • Visit your vet
  • Upload a receipt
  • Receive you reimbursement

It’s that easy!

#1 Create your Wagmo account

First off, it's time to join the Wagmo family by creating an account with us via desktop or mobile phone. You can sign up for Wagmo using your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts. When it comes to cat or dog wellness plans and insurance plans, we’re all about convenience. There’s also a Wagmo app for even easier use from your cellphone or tablet. You can download the Wagmo app right now on the Apple store or Google Play store.

#2 Choose your pet insurance or pet wellness plan

It's key to understand the difference between Wagmo Insurance Plans and Wagmo Wellness Plans. Wagmo Insurance Plans are for covering care in the case of emergencies, accidents, and illnesses. Wagmo Wellness Plans, on the other hand, are intended to help you reimburse the costs of routine and preventative care. You can sign up for a combination of both by taking our online quiz to get a customized plan and only pay for what you need.

#3 Visit your vet

Yes, it’s that easy. And, yes, it can be any licensed veterinarian, whether that means in-person or via telemedicine. If you’re also using our Wagmo wellness plans, you can even visit any groomer of your choice. During the visit, all you need to do is pay out of pocket and then take a picture of your receipt. Wagmo works on a reimbursement basis.

#4 Upload your claim receipt

Next, upload that picture of the receipt. You can do this either through the Wagmo app or directly on our website. It’s that easy. We cover reimbursements from receipts billed after you joined Wagmo. Also, each plan has a reimbursement limit and a waiting period. Head over to our FAQs to learn more about the particulars. Wagmo’s waiting period is thirty days for pet insurance plans and immediately for pet wellness plans.

It’s essential at this step that your receipts have as much information as possible. This helps your claim get processed faster. Your receipt should ideally include not only the cost, but your pet’s name, the name of the clinic, the date of service, and a breakdown of the prices of every service billed for.

#5 That’s it! Your money is on the way

Really? Yes, really. Wagmo will get back to you as fast as possible, typically within twenty-four hours. In fact, Wagmo Wellness Plans are known for their speed. You don't have to do anything else. Use your saved time to get some quality playtime with your pet! Wagmo makes reimbursements quick and easy with popular payment services such as Venmo and Paypal.

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Nationwide pet insurance claim forms don’t have to be intimidating. With Wagmo pet insurance claims and pet wellness claims, getting your pets covered has never been easier. But don’t just take it from us. Check out the Wagmo Reviews on our website or on Facebook. Make sure to drop a comment while you're there. We’re always happy to hear from you!