Doesn't everyone love to go on vacation? Whether it's with family or friends, a vacation becomes even more fun when we bring along our beloved dogs or other pets. In America, approximately 78% of pet parents travel with their furry friends at least once every year. It is a delight to watch your dog roll in the sand, play with water, and hike on long trails while outdoors.

But with enjoyment comes responsibility because caring for your canines while outdoors can be tricky and stressful. There are a lot of factors that you might need to consider before onboarding your pet to your next adventure, including mode of transportation, food supplies, dog wellness plans, medication, and emergency treatment.

To help you have a great trip with your four-legged friends, here are a few tricks and tips that you must keep in mind:

Things to Plan Before and While on Vacation with Pets

Planning plays a vital role in making a trip with your furry friend successful and memorable. You must carefully consider some factors to ensure you have a great time with your pet as the following:

1) Mode of Transportation

Decide whether you want to travel by car, air, bus, or train because each transit has its benefits and limitations. For short journeys, traveling via car makes more sense as it brings along great comfort for your pet.

You can shop for a dog car seat to ensure the maximum safety of your canine friend while you’re driving. When you are traveling in a car, you have the leverage to stop it in between your rides for short bathroom breaks, walks, and exercises. It also gives some space and time for your dog to relax outside its car seat or crate.

If you’re traveling on a flight, check with the airline for all the details before onboarding your pet. You may need to take care of some paperwork before booking the flight. Note that each airline may have different operational rules and regulations that you need to check beforehand. They may ask for vaccination certification, medical history, and pet habits to ensure the safety of fellow passengers.

2) Accommodation

When you are traveling for longer than a day, you’ll need a place to stay. It can be anything like a hotel, hostel, or private home, but you need to check whether they let your pet accompany you for the stay. Some hotels may have separate areas or specific pet friendly rooms to accommodate dogs and other pets. They may also ask you to keep your dog in a crate to ensure it is safe around other pets and fellow residents. Look for dog-friendly or puppy-proof accommodations to keep your canine friends safe from any accident, comfitsvkr and welcomed.

3) Health and Safety Check

Before getting on a vacation, you should take your dog to a veterinarian. Make sure to check on the vaccination status and keep it up to date. In case you’re taking a flight, ask your veterinarian to issue a fit-to-fly certification. Also, carry all the relevant medicine your dog may need while traveling.

Wherever you’re traveling, stay well-informed about the nearby pet emergency care homes, services, and hospitals. You should know how to call for help (the appropriate phone numbers) if there is an emergency. Try to find accommodation near a veterinary service to avoid any hiccups.

4) Food Supplies

Do not forget to pack your dog’s food before leaving home. It can get a little problematic to introduce new food to your pet in a short time. So, make sure to carry some comfort food to avoid any stomach-related problems in your dog. Consult your veterinarian on what kind of food will suit your dog while outdoors.

Some vets may suggest you take bottled water to prevent an upset stomach. You can introduce disposable and easy-to-carry bowls to your dog a week before your journey to avoid carrying bulky pet bowls.

5) Pack Some Toys and Games

Your dog’s favorite toys and games offer the perfect way to engage them during a long flight or when staying in a new space. Toys also kill boredom and keep your dogs active while outdoors. You can introduce new toys and ask your dogs to fetch them to keep them entertained throughout your journey.

6) Potty Training

Before your vacation, ensure you train your dog to use a pee pad for urinating and passing solid waste. Pet parents can prevent accidents in a hotel room or while on a flight by introducing a pee pad. You can also try different surfaces (except grass) to make your dog familiar with different terrains.

7) Stay Calm

If you show signs of stress and nervousness, your dog may pick that up. So it is important for you to stay calm and composed wherever you go. Remember you are on vacation with your canine friend! Make great memories and stay happy throughout your journey without worrying about anything.

Getting Help from Dog Wellness Plans

Dog wellness plans are the best thing you can ask for while planning to go on vacation with your four-legged friend. With wellness protection, you get affordable access to routine health checkups and veterinary screenings for your dogs.

A veterinarian may examine your dog to ensure whether it is fit to travel with you or not. The examination may follow signs of a health condition, overgrown nails, and the requirement of any significant vaccination.

Most pet wellness plans cover routine vaccination to help your dog stay protected against infections and bacteria. As vaccination records and certification are important while traveling with some airlines, you must get it done through a puppy insurance plan.

With wellness protection, you can also take your dog for routine grooming sessions without any additional cost. A grooming session may include clipping paws, trimming nails, brushing, and scaling teeth to ensure maximum hygiene levels for your dog. Your dog will be traveling with many other co-passengers, so it has to smell and look good!

You can also look for a puppy insurance plan that provides financial support in case of an emergency, injury, or accident. Some pet insurance plans may include overseas medical emergencies to help pet parents bear the cost of emergency treatment and medication.

In case traveling is not covered under a puppy insurance plan, look for pet travel insurance to avoid spending thousands of dollars on emergency veterinarian visits and medical help.

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