Trimming your dog's nails can be a daunting task even for the most experienced dog owner and sometimes getting a professional to do the grooming might be the best option, and finding a dog wellness plan that covers this service. Some dogs have black or very dark-colored nails making it extremely difficult to see, while other dogs might just refuse to sit still. This is why some dog owners elect to have their dogs' nails trimmed by a groomer.  

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How Often Should I Clip My Pets' Nails?

How often do dog’s nails need to be trimmed? Well, this depends on your dog or cat’s daily activities. If your animal is constantly outside their nails might be worn down naturally. However they are probably getting a lot dirtier than an indoor animal, so routine professional grooming every 3 months is recommended. Our animal’s nails need to be trimmed every 3-4 weeks.

Indoor animals will most likely need their nails trimmed more often as they are usually just walking around on soft and flat surfaces. This is why some cats love scratching posts (or the furniture) because they are making up for their nails not being naturally worn down.

You can usually tell when an animal’s nails are in need of a trim because you can hear the clacking on the hardwood floors. Be careful when nails get this long because they are more prone to infection. Overgrown nails can cause painful paw injuries in both dogs and cats. They can get snagged on something or even crack, this can be super painful.

If their nails get too long some dogs will find it difficult to place their full body weight on their feet due to the discomfort caused by elongated nails. As a result, these dogs develop sore feet, legs, and hips and overall discomfort, and the simple act of just walking can be a painful experience for them.

Don’t forget about the dew claws!

The dew claw is placed about 1-3 inches above the inside or their front feet, and sometimes their back feet too. They need to be clipped as well. The dew claw will almost never be exposed to friction so they become overgrown more quickly. It is not uncommon for pets to have dew claws on some feet, and not on others.

What is “the quick”?

The quick is a blood vessel in dog’s and cat’s nails. The quick is usually visible to the eye in light-colored nails. Cutting your animal’s nails can just the quick and cause their nails to bleed. If you cut the quick it might become harder to cut your animal’s nails in the future as they might be nervous it will hurt. This is why most people who have animals with dark nails always bring them to professional groomers to get their nails clipped.

If your animal’s quick is super close to the tip, daily filing can encourage it to recede. Continue to file the animal’s nails for a few weeks until you are able to properly trim the nails down. Continue trimming and filing as a part of your regular routine to keep your animal’s nails healthy. This is another reason why bringing our pets to the groomers is so beneficial, they will be able to spot and treat unhealthy nails.

If you’re still wondering how often to trim dog’s nails, or cat’s nails, or how short to trim them, it is always best to reach out to your veterinarian or groomer for advice.

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