Gone are the days of corralling your cat into a pet carrier or coaxing your fearful dog out of the car and into the vet’s office. Now, veterinarians can come to you thanks to The Vets. The at-home pet care company treats pets in the comfort of the patient’s home—and that’s exciting news for everyone: the pets, pet owners, and vets. Read on to discover seven reasons why it’s time to leave the vet clinic behind and book your first at-home appointment with The Vets.

  1. It takes the stress out of vet visits. Tail tucked between the legs, claws out, howls on full volume—a visit to the vet’s office can be upsetting for pets, to put it mildly. The Vets understands that dogs and cats are most comfortable in their own environment, which is why they provide at-home vet visits for wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, and other services. But treating pets in a familiar, safe environment doesn’t just benefit the pet: It’s also easier for vets to deliver exceptional care when a pet is relaxed.
  2. You’ll get more time with your vet. Hectic veterinary clinics may try to push you out the door before you’ve asked all of your questions, but not with an at-home visit with The Vets. No-rush appointments allow for thorough examinations and give you the opportunity to talk through any concerns. Plus, these more relaxed visits give your pup or cat the time to bond with the vet, and if you (and your pet!) love your vet, you always have the option to rebook with them.
  3. You get a more accurate diagnosis. Another benefit of nixing stress from the vet visit: It could lead to a more spot-on health evaluation. That’s because elevated anxiety and tension can make it more difficult for vets to evaluate organs, limbs, and pain levels, which could cause them to miss internal abnormalities or concerning orthopedic changes. To make matters worse, high levels of stress can skew blood test results, making an accurate diagnosis more difficult.
  4. Your pet will get tech-powered, best-in-class care. The Vets equips their veterinary team with cutting-edge technology that makes it easier to prevent or detect and treat certain medical conditions. Just one example: They offer a painless, first-of-its-kind ultrasound procedure at all at-home wellness visits. It’s used to diagnose underlying health conditions that may not show up during a typical nose-to-tail exam.
  5. At-home visits are a must for busy schedules. Between sitting in traffic and dealing with busy waiting rooms, the typical vet appointment can take up a good chunk of your day. But with The Vets, you simply book your at-home visit for a time that’s convenient for you—no commuting, no waiting for your name to be called. And if you have multiple pets, your vet can treat them all during the same visit.
  6. You can relax knowing your pet is in good hands. More than 50% of veterinarians experience high levels of burnout, which can affect their wellbeing as well as their work. But The Vets is dedicated to ensuring their vets aren’t overbooked or overworked. Moreover, their highly skilled veterinarians have an average of 10 years of experience, so pet parents can feel confident that their beloved pet is getting the best care possible.
  7. Your pet insurance may cover the cost. It’s no secret that owning a pet can be pricey. Pet owners will be happy to hear that you can use some wellness and insurance plans to cover certain at-home services from The Vets (such as wellness exams, vaccinations, and bloodwork).

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