Annual deductibles, waiting periods, congenital conditions — getting pet insurance policies set up can be confusing. However, pet owners have to consider the benefits of insurance coverage, even for basic care needs like exam fees and checkups. Looking at some of the various pet needs in conjunction with the available coverage plans, it's clear that some companies stand out in this area. Today, we look at what constitutes the best pet insurance companies and plans on the market.

Why Do I Need Pet Health Insurance?

Great news: pet insurance plans help to provide a lower vet bill. Pet insurance works like human insurance in many ways. You sign up for annual benefits and various levels of coverage options, pay a monthly premium, and get help with your pet and their expenses. This is incredibly beneficial for pets that have chronic conditions, those that need several vet visits, and for people that want an accident-only plan to keep them covered for emergency care. It's important to realize that pre-existing conditions are unlikely to be covered, but that shouldn't make pet owners shy away from covering their loved ones.

What Are Features of the Top Pet Insurance Companies?

When considering the best pet health insurance plans, it's necessary to consider the companies and what they're known for providing in terms of health care coverage.  The features that we'll list are not exhaustive, but they cover some of the most frequent issues that are faced by pet owners.

  • Hereditary conditions coverage: good pet insurance companies work with clients to help cover hereditary and congenital conditions that certain breeds may be prone to, as long as they are not pre-existing.
  • Waiting period: even the best pet health insurance companies do have a short waiting time before coverage kicks in, but this varies depending on the company that you choose.
  • Nationwide coverage: the pet insurance plans that are considered the best will frequently have coverage areas that serve as many places as possible. The greatest plans cover the entire United States.
  • Basic veterinary care included: the best pet insurance companies will focus on giving you service for routine care such as heartworm treatments, illness coverage.
  • Specific pet insurance: dog insurance, cat insurance, and exotic pet insurance provide different kinds of coverage for medical care. Being able to customize insurance will give pet parents of all types the peace of mind they want.
  • Plans for older pets: the ability to get coverage for older pets is important. Prescription medications, physical therapy, and other forms of wellness care are something that all pet parents will want for their aging pet.
  • Preventative care: most pet insurers will offer some form of preventative coverage that won't impact your co-pay too much.
  • Customization: every pet is different and so are their needs. The ability to add-on different parts of coverage or build complete coverage is something every pet parent should place value in.
  • Independent wellness coverage: insurance companies like to package their products. Still, the best insurance providers will offer the ability to buy wellness coverage separately.

Knowing what to look for when buying pet insurance is crucial to making that initial decision to buy it. Yet, looking at the different companies and their offerings, it's clear there is a plan out there for every pet parent. Some people ask, is pet insurance worth it? The answer is a resounding yes for anyone that cares about the health and wellness of their furry family members. We hope that you’re able to use this information to make an informed decision about health insurance so you can customize the plan that is right for you. Every pet deserves the chance to get care, and there is an insurance agency dedicated to providing the service you need.