Here at Wagmo, we love keeping up to date on new ways the be the best pet parents! From pet wearable technology to pet-friendly home design, here are 7 exciting trends for the new year that every pet owner should know about.

  1. Pet Wearable Technology: Keeping track of your pet can be it’s own task. We saw pet wearable technology increase in 2022, with products such as GPS trackers, activity monitors, and even pet cameras coming into the marketplace. We expect new innovation in this pet tech space in 2023!
  2. Pet-Friendly Home Design: More and more homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes pet-friendly, from pet-friendly furniture to pet-friendly flooring. Some of our favorite brands are The Foggy Dog for pet beds and Fable for their beautiful crates and food bowls.
  3. Pet-Centric Vacations: Pet-friendly vacations are becoming increasingly popular. In 2022, more pet parents traveled with their pets than ever before and there is a boom of new pet-friendly hotels, resorts, and even cruises becoming available. We’re looking forward to planning vacations with our pets in 2023.
  4. Pet Grooming and Spa Services: We all need our moment of zen, even our dogs and cats. In 2022 we saw record usage of pet grooming and nail services. We only except that to continue in 2023 - maybe even with pet massages!
  5. Pet Wellness Plans: Pet Wellness is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more pet owners looking for ways to cover their pets for routine coverage such as regular vet visits, vaccines, nail trimming, and dental cleanings. Wagmo has options for all types of pet owners.
  6. Virtual Vet Services: In the coming year, more and more pet owners are expected to turn to virtual vet services for the convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness they offer. Whether you have a question about your pet's health, need help with a medical issue, or just want some general advice, virtual vet services like VETalk from Wagmo make it easy to get the help you need, anytime, anywhere. Keep an eye out for this trend in 2023 – it's sure to become increasingly popular as more pet owners discover the benefits of virtual vet care.
  7. Pet-Centric Events: In 2022, pet parents took their pets for more nights out than pre-pandemic. Events that are more pet-centric will continue to pop up in 2023, from pet-friendly festivals to pet-friendly concerts and sports teams bring-a-pet-to-the-park events.
  8. Pet-Centric Clothing and Accessories: Pet-centric clothing and accessories are becoming increasingly popular with pet parents and we’re not expecting this trend to slow down anytime soon. Pet clothing has expanded from just rain jackets to a huge range of items from ski goggles and cold weather clothing, to hiking gear and backpacks. Pet clothing retailers are even offering collaborations with popular human clothing brands!

Overall, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for pet owners, with many new and innovative products and services being developed to help keep our pets happy and healthy. If you're looking for ways to ensure the best care for your pet, be sure to check out some of the trends listed above. And if you're interested in finding a pet wellness plan that fits your needs and budget, don't forget to get your own personalized quote on With so many options available, it's never been easier to find the perfect plan for your furry friend.