More businesses are seeing the importance of including pet wellness plans in their employee benefits. However, more and more of those employees are also moving to remote work. Some employees may be restructuring their lives around working from home, or while on the move around the world. In this situation, telemedicine for pets is the best way to care for their pet wellness needs. But does this complicate their existing cat and dog wellness plans? Let’s find out!

The changing space of workplaces and pets

The relationship between pets and the workplace is constantly evolving. It’s increasingly apparent pets are a significant booster to workers’ mental health. Many offices are encouraging employees to bring their pets to work to give an extra level of comfort and stress reduction.

In tandem with this, many employers are also considering including cat and dog wellness plans as part of their fringe benefits packages. The stress reduction benefits of pets won’t count for much if you’re stressed about how to pay for your pet’s wellness.

Just like the relationship between employers and pets is changing, so are the relationships between employers and employees. Many employees are moving to full remote work. This is convenient but can be somewhat lonely, making it a great reason to think about getting a new pet. However, will the pet wellness plan you’re offering everyone else work as well for remote employees?

Providing remote worker employee benefits with telemedicine for pets

In general, remote workers can benefit just as much from cat and dog wellness plans as any other worker. If they have a pet at home, they’re going to worry about its wellness. However, many remote workers are remote in a more literal sense. They may want to engage in remote work because they live in areas distant from many services.

Some remote workers may even be traveling and taking their pets with them. Obviously, they’ll still want to use pet insurance if there’s an emergency. But they may feel that cat and dog wellness plans don’t work well with their mobile lifestyle.This doesn’t need to be the case.

Telemedicine for pets has come a long way. This includes any veterinary service where you get put into remote contact with a vet. You can ask them any questions you need and get recommendations on pet wellness. Vets can use telemedicine to give out or refill prescriptions for pets.

In its inception, telemedicine was often challenging to work into a pet wellness program, as you were restricted to using only your “main” veterinarian. However, it’s increasingly easy to access quality telemedicine for pets, no matter where you are in the world.

Even for employees who can make it into physical vets, telemedicine offers unparalleled flexibility. It allows employees to “shop” for veterinary specialization and opinions over a truly massive range.

Making telemedicine for pets work

Telemedicine for pets can be an excellent way for the most remote employees to maintain the wellness and happiness of their pets. That being said, telemedicine for pets needs a wellness plan that fits. A good cat or dog wellness plan for telemedicine needs to allow for reimbursement at any vet, in any part of the country. It also requires the ability to easily make claims.

Thankfully, with Wagmo wellness plans, making claims couldn’t be easier. Just sign up, send us a copy of your receipt, and you’re good to go! Because of this, we’re a favorite of employers looking for the best new employee benefits. No matter where you are, you deserve pet health insurance and coverage for routine care. Wagmo is here to make that happen.