You’ve decided your current pet insurance plan isn’t up to scratch. So, what happens next? Many pet parents enroll in pet insurance plans only to find they don’t cover all their needs. For others, changes in financial circumstances after sign-on mean they need more affordable premium rates. Changing insurance providers can be an excellent choice for you and your pet, regardless of your reasons for switching.

Yet, what exactly should you be keeping in mind when considering an insurance plan change? Let’s take a deeper look below.

Want to switch pet insurance plans? Know your why

If you’re planning on switching pet insurance providers, you need to understand your reason why. Finding pet insurance for dogs and cats can be a lengthy process. There’s a lot to consider, such as how much coverage your pet will receive, deductible options, waiting periods, and renewal prices. However, looking for a new provider will be worth it.

Your pet deserves access to the best veterinary care possible. Less than satisfactory pet insurance plans can make this privilege seem more of a financial burden than it needs to be. Pet owners can fall into the trap of rushing into buying insurance plans only to discover their coverage isn’t adequate when an injury or illness occurs.

We get it. Our need to keep our pets safe often means we make hasty decisions. Yet, those decisions shouldn’t make you feel trapped with your policy—especially if your pet’s happiness and health are at stake.

Five reasons to search for a new pet insurance company

Do you want to know the good news? There are plenty of reasons why you can shop for other pet insurance plans. Here are some that our Wagmo members have quoted to us in the past:

1. Lower insurance premiums

Searching for a lower insurance premium is one of the most common reasons for switching pet insurance plans. Pet insurance can be expensive, especially as your pet gets older. Many pet parents cite searching for affordable pet insurance as their reason for switching.

2. Better pet health-care coverage

This is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for more support from your pet insurance company, searching for better coverage elsewhere is a wise pet parent decision. The best pet companies should offer coverage for emergency vet visits, hospital stays, medication, x-rays, telemedicine, and more.

3. Access to value-added services

Perhaps you’re looking for value-added services outside the scope of your insurance plan. For example, many cat owners opt for cat wellness insurance. Beyond normal procedures covered by an insurance plan, pet wellness protection provides coverage for routine care and grooming.

4. Better customer service

Nothing is worse than being stuck on hold with your pet insurance provider listening to repetitive call center muzak—especially in an emergency. Pet parents often switch providers to be guaranteed better customer service.  

5. Faster reimbursement period

Has your pet ever required emergency treatment requiring you to dip into your monthly rent budget? At the time, you may have felt comforted knowing you’ll get reimbursed by your provider, only to be left waiting months for them to credit the expenses to your account. A faster reimbursement period is a great reason to go shopping for better pet insurance plans.

Switching providers: Issues you may come up against

Switching to another provider for affordable pet insurance is hassle-free for the most part. However, issues can arise. Where pet parents are likely to be caught out are waiting periods and pre-existing conditions. Many pet insurance companies have a waiting period before pet owners can make a claim. For example, the typical waiting period for hip dysplasia treatment can be up to one year.

Additionally, many providers don’t provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. If your pet has been receiving medical treatment for an illness before you switch plans, there’s no guarantee you’ll be covered for future treatment. However, many providers will have exceptions, especially if the condition is curable, such as digestive issues or ear infections.

Unlike traditional pet insurance plans, the Wagmo waiting periods are zero. That’s right! When you sign up for our pet insurance plans with wellness coverage, you can get immediate reimbursements for routine care and vet visits.

Signing up for a new pet insurance plan? Save more with Wagmo

Switching your pet insurance plan may feel daunting, but Wagmo can help you care more for your pet for less. We offer comprehensive pet insurance for dogs and cats of all ages. With three deductible options, you can care for your pet in the way that makes the most sense for your needs.
Unlike traditional pet insurance companies, Wagmo has no waiting periods. You’ll receive immediate coverage the minute your plan is activated. No waiting around. No worries. More happy pet parents. Learn more about the Wagmo Pet Insurance plans today, or take our pet insurance quiz to find the perfect plan for you.