Summer's here, and it's time to take yourself and your dog outside. You deserve a break, and time to soak up all the warmth. Plus, getting outside and getting some exercise is great for both your health and your dog wellness.

Of course, getting outside is a perfect chance to show off new outfits, accessories and bold colors. For people, this could also include beach bodies and a new summer wardrobe. But with puppy outfits, your pooch can also bring some summer puppy festive vibes.

Puppy outfits are a special indulgence that only pet parents can truly understand and justify. If you're someone who gets it, then you get it. However, not all puppy outfits are suitable for all occasions. Summer puppy outfits can be more colorful and creative than your everyday knit sweater. We'll leave most of the creativity to you, but here are some fun summer puppy outfit ideas to get you started and have some fun!

Colorful harnesses

A harness and leash are a standard, all-year part of a dog's wardrobe. Many wouldn't even consider them to be dog clothes but rather a vital part of keeping your dog safe, especially if you're going on a big outdoor adventure. Your puppy insurance plans may cover injuries, but it's better if you avoid them altogether and keep your dog close.

That doesn't mean you can't add some summer flair to this everyday accessory. Try some leashes and harnesses in the brightest colors or bells that you can find. From small dogs to big ones, vibrant pinks, oranges and greens will help make your dog stand out on any trail. This makes them fashionable, and also makes them easier to spot if they run off!

a white golden doodle dog wearing a bright pink harness

Cute dog bandanas & kerchiefs

Dog bandanas and kerchiefs are standard summer accessories for many pet owners. Of course, you can let your pup in on the fashion fun. Compared to a lot of dog clothes, these can be some of the easiest to find and easier to put on. It's not much harder than adding a leash, and much more lightweight than a full outfit. This cute item provides a ton of great colors, and unique patterns to best your personality and your dog's personality!

2 little blonde yorkie mixes wearing a blue and pink dog bandana

Sunny shirts

What's cuter than a puppy in a Hawaiin shirt, or a colorful surfer outfit? When you find out, please tell us! Fun shirts are a staple in dog clothes year-round. All you need to do is find some examples with a summer flair. When choosing summer shirts for dogs, make sure it is breathable and not too tight. Also be sure to monitor your dog throughout the day and take it off if he or she begins to seem uncomfortable or too hot.

long hair chihuahua mixes wearing  colorful summer shirts

Lively lifejackets

Safety is even more important than fashion. Your puppy insurance plan should only be there as a last resort. Every true pet parent loves their dog, and it's up to you to protect them from potential dangers. Lifejackets are a great way to add some water safety while keeping your dog visible. This is especially important if you have a small dog on a big beach or lake. Bright colors look seasonal and make your dog easy to spot while making sure they stay safe in the water.

 a golden retriever dog on a boat wearing a bright green life jacket

Hats for the heat

People love putting hats on their dogs and cats. What better way to get a perfect Instagram moment? However, hats are more than just a way to capture a seasonal mood. They can tie together your pup's latest outfit. They can also cut back on the intensity of heat, always useful for those blazing, summer days.

a golden chihuahua wearing a red dog hat with ears poking out

Want more cute dog outfit ideas?

We're just covering the tip of the watermelon slice here with these ideas for summer puppy outfits. Thankfully, you can always stay connected and get new ideas or cuteness this summer by checking out our Instagram. Tag us in all your best summer dog outfits @MeetWagmo!
And, remember, summer is fun and fashionable, but safety and pet wellness always come first. Our puppy insurance plans ensure your dog is covered so you can focus on what matters most — making those summer memories.