With summers lurking around the corner, pet preventive care plans are a top priority for many new pet parents. Yes, summers can be fun with unlimited pool dates and evening hiking adventures with your furry best friend. However, these months pose potential accidents and injuries that can be dangerous and uncomfortable for our pets. These months require extra care for your fur babies, from heat strokes to severe dehydration, ingesting too much water, ticks, or getting some scrapes, especially if you’re a new pet parent.

Pet insurance with wellness plans allows you to get the care you need to keep your pets healthy in the scorching heat. Pet care doesn’t have to be that stressful either, with countless indoor activities to keep you and your pup occupied. From whipping up a quick batch of pupsicles to playing with ice cubes or even learning a new trick and special bath time with your fur baby, indoors can be fun too for those dogs who don’t love spending too much time outdoors in the heat!  

This short read prepares you for everything you need to keep in mind before spending a summer day with your pet.

Recognize The Dangers of Overheating

Your dog’s temperature should never exceed 104 degrees, and if you suspect your dog is in distress or overheating, it’s best to get them to a vet clinic. Some significant symptoms to look out for are excessive panting, increased heart rate, weakness, excessive drooling, vomiting, dry gums, and diarrhea. Other giveaways include deep red or purple tongues, gums, and fatigue.

Different breeds and ages of dogs react differently to heat. Overweight, older, and younger dogs who are not used to extreme exercise or outdoor adventures will have a more difficult time dealing with heat. Short muzzles and flat-faced pets like Pugs, Boxers, Shih Tzus and Persian cats have difficulty breathing in extreme heat.  Treating a pet with heat stroke starts at home and ends with a trip to your pet wellness clinic as soon as possible. Start by applying ice packs or cool water towels over their neck, head, and chest. Place cold water near them and allow them to start with small sips of water. Immediately take them to your vet for appropriate care.

Warm Weather Pet Safety Tips

Whether your dog is an outdoor enthusiast or a puppy discovering their likes and dislikes, see below some safety tips to keep in mind during warm weather to ensure your pet’s safety. A reminder that not all cats and dogs enjoy the outdoors. Always respect the body language of your pet at the end of the day, and do not force them to participate in activities that provide them stress and discomfort.

For example, many small dogs may not be excited to jump into a large body of water and prefer a relaxing day of sunbathing instead. Tying a big dog up to a leash all day may be highly miserable for a large dog who wants to play fetch at the beach. Before jumping into new summer activities, get to know your dog's personality and research breed activity level.

Safety Tips For Your Pets

Visit the pet wellness clinic for an early summer/ spring checkup to ensure they are in good health or to get annual preventive care prescriptions for ticks and fleas.

Humidity sneaks up on pets before we realize it. The higher the humidity, the lower chances of your pet being able to cool themselves off. Always provide a place with shade for them to cool off and have access to water and a fan.

Restrict exercise on hotter days: If restricting activity is something your pet can’t get on board with, pick a cooler time of the day and take breaks throughout your exercises while offering ample water and shade to cool off.

Don’t leave pets unattended near bodies of water. This includes your backyard pool. Always ensure your pool is covered if you are not supervising your dog.

Watch for signs of heatstroke if you’ve spent all day outside. Excessive drooling and panting, lethargy, and nausea are some of the critical signs to look out for.

Provide ample water, shade, and ventilation when heading out for the day. Planning ahead is key to ensuring safety after some fun.

Keep your pets hydrated: Hydration is vital whether you’re out on a walk or indoors. Collapsible water bottles or portable water bowls make hydration easy to accommodate for you and your fur baby. Here’s a list of some of the most popular dog water bottles.

Utilize pet products to help keep them cool: Taking care of your fur baby during the heat shouldn’t have to be difficult. With innovative products sweeping the pet care market, we’ve scoured this list for the best pet products to keep your fur babies cool and comfortable.

Avoid walking your dog on hot asphalt: Instead, walk them on grass as asphalt gets extremely hot and can burn their paws.

Evening walks or walks by the water will help you both stay cool and avoid any burning of their paws.

Never keep your pet in a car or confined space: No, not even for a minute with air conditioning. Keeping your pet in a confined space is a risk we shouldn’t take, especially with the heat. Confined spaces and car temperatures can quickly rise from 80  to 120 degrees when left in the sun.

Invest In Pet Preventive Care Plans: Wagmo’s pet preventative care plans reimburse you for routine care. Whereas our Insurance plans cover emergencies, accidents, and illnesses.  Save up to 10% when you add multiple pets to your plan and an additional 15% after a year of no claims.

Pet Insurance with Wellness Plans

Wagmo’s pet healthcare plans are one of a kind. Separating pet wellness plans from pet insurance or choosing to combine them both allows pet parents to curate the perfect plan for their pet’s needs. Our plans provide you with financial security so you can enjoy the sun and not worry about accidents happening.

Protect your pets this summer with our pet insurance and wellness plans.