Sometimes animals can surprise pet owners with new habits and behaviors. Some new behaviors might be because our pets are growing up from puppies and kittens to adults. Other changes could be adjustments to a new location, routine, or family member.

But sometimes a behavior change can be something more sinister and be a potential warning sign there could be something wrong with their health. Here we offer 10 of the top warning signs that your pet might be ill.

Odd Eating Habits

Our animals rarely skip a meal, unless maybe it was a really hot day or they are exhausted from too much activity. But if your animals begin to skip multiple meals then this is a sign that something is off. Same when reversed, so when your dog seems to never be full and is constantly begging for food. Either behavior should be treated seriously and you should take your pet to the vet for a wellness check.

Excessive Thirst

Similar to odd eating habits, being super thirsty on hot days or days with a lot of excitement might be normal. But if your dog begins chugging water and drinking way more than usual, it could be suffering from something like kidney disease or diabetes. Keep track of how often you are refilling your animal’s water bowl and how often your dogs are asking to be let out. Frequent urination could be a sign of a bladder infection, kidney stone, or other issues.

Rough or Dry Coat

Our pet’s fur should always be thick, shiny, and soft. So if your animal’s fur begins to thin out, feel rough to the touch, or if they have bald spots, could all be signs that your animal is ill. This could be the result of a few different things, but commonly is some sort of food allergy or skin infection. Both should be treated right away and might require vet-prescribed medication.


If your dog is acting lethargic, uninterested in playing, going for walks, or participating in activities they normally enjoy then this could be a sign they are not feeling well. Normal fatigue and sore muscles can be caused by high temperatures. However, if your animal is acting tired and sluggish for a few days then it might be time to take them to the vet for a check-up and some routine tests.


If you have cats and dogs then you know vomiting will happen from time to time. Hairballs, or other occasional surprises. However, your animals should not be vomiting more than once every few months.

If they are throwing up daily or a lot more frequently than usual it might be best to take them in for a check-up. It is vital to bring them to the vet if you notice blood in their vomit, if they vomit many times in a row and if they also have a fever.

Unusual Stool

Our pet’s stool condition is a great overall indicator of an animal’s health. A healthy pet will have small, firm, and moist stools. Anything too runny, too dry, or too dark could be indicative of an illness. Pet insurance with wellness plans is perfect for when you think there might be something off.

Wellness plans will cover fecal exams, urinalysis, and bloodwork to better help your vet determine what might be the issue. While pet health insurance covers further diagnostics, medication, etc.

Sudden Weightloss

If your animal is losing weight then it should be because you are trying to help them lose weight or the vet has them on a weight loss plan. If your animal has lost weight and nothing has changed in its routine, then this could be an indicator they have developed a serious health condition. If your pet’s weight drops by 10 percent, or even 1 pound in small animals, you should bring it to your vet’s attention.

Cloudy or Red Eyes

Cloudy eyes, red eyes, or any eye discharge could be a sign that your pet has some sort of infection or injury. This could be quite serious in some cases so it’s best to bring them to the vet. Diseases that affect an animal’s eye can progress very quickly and can result in the animal losing its eyesight. Pet health insurance will help cover the necessary emergency tests and any prescribed medication.

Scooting or Dragging Rear

If your dog is scooting on the ground a lot and dragging their rear, this could mean they have worms. There are all types of worms our pets can contract in all types of ways. It is important to ensure your pets are vaccinated against different worm parasites. Worms can be dangerous as when left untreated they can pass from pet to pet and sometimes to humans.

Our animals dragging their butts could also mean they have infected anal glands, urinary tract infections, or diarrhea.

Emergency Symptoms

Most of the symptoms mentioned above are not always necessary in an emergency situation but should still be taken seriously. However, if your dog or cat is expressing the following symptoms then it is an emergency and you must take them in for care right away.

  • Open wounds
  • Possible broken bones, or fractures
  • Stopped breathing or unconsciousness
  • Repeated vomiting or vomiting blood
  • Seizures
  • Sudden collapse or difficulty breathing
  • Bleeding from their mouth, nose, or eyes
  • Possible poisoning from eating something toxic (even flowers or food)
  • Extreme pain, seen as whining or shaking
  • Hard and swollen abdomen

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Pet Health Employee Benefits

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