As benefit professionals strive to create comprehensive employee benefits packages that attract and retain top talent, the importance of work-life balance cannot be ignored. An increasingly popular addition to these packages is pet wellness benefits that can be stand alone, or in addition to existing pet insurance offering.

Recent surveys of current Wagmo at Work members have shown that 80% of employees were searching for a pet wellness plan prior to being offered one through their current employer. In addition, the introduction of Wagmo's benefits has resulted in a 65% increase in employee satisfaction with their workplace. One employee who has benefited from the program stated, "My favorite part is knowing I am making monthly payments for [my pets'] wellness rather than all at once."

Wagmo's Pet Wellness Plans offers a different set of benefits than insurance's 1-in-100 moments and were developed to support pet parents' everyday needs with tangible offerings all year long. The plans cover routine wellness exams, vaccines, blood work, grooming, dental, and an optional add-on – VETalk, a 24/7 live vet service. By providing access to comprehensive, affordable pet care, employees are better equipped to manage their pets' health and financial stress, leading to improved focus and productivity in the workplace.

Incorporating innovative benefits such as pet wellness plans into an employee's benefits package can be a key factor in their decision to stay with a company. Employee retention is crucial for any organization, and offering valuable benefits such as pet wellness can demonstrate a commitment to employee well-being.

Wagmo's Pet Wellness Plan goes beyond just insurance and supports pet parents' everyday needs with comprehensive coverage that employees can count on year after year. By offering affordable monthly payments and access to a range of essential pet services, the plan helps employees manage their pets' health and well-being while minimizing financial stress.

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