For those who missed it, May 20th was National Rescue Dog Day. The point of this day is to raise awareness for the countless canines in shelters across the nation that are in desperate need of a new home. Not enough prospective owners consider adopting rescue dogs. Many worry about how their dog wellness plans might need to be adapted for this unique challenge.

However we will lay out why you should absolutely consider a rescue dog for your next family member. Hopefully, you'll consider giving a large or small dog rescue center your support in the future!

#1 You Can Save a Life

There's no single reason why a dog ends up in a shelter. It could be because they were stray, or sometimes because their owner simply couldn't take care of them. They all need a new home and a loving family no matter where they come from. You have the power to give them that chance.

#2 You Are Helping the Country

You're doing your civic duty if you get a rescue dog. There is a significant issue with dog overpopulation right now. Everyone who gets a new dog and then allows them to breed only adds to that problem. Not all of these pooches will end up in caring homes. Most rescue dogs have already been spayed and neutered, so you don't need to organize vet visits to get these procedures done yourself.

#3 You Get to Skip the Puppy Phase

Wait, isn't this a bad thing? Puppies are adorable, right? This is true, but pet parenting for puppies is also a major hassle. Puppies are untrained, full of tons of energy, and have no sense of what is right and wrong. If you want a home that's not getting torn up all the time, a rescue dog may be the best way to go. If you're just interested in cuteness, remember that small dog rescues are also an option!

#4 Old Dogs Don't Need New Tricks

One benefit that many pet owners find with rescue dogs is that the dogs' temperament tends to be pretty set. If you really click with the dog's personality at the shelter, you're seeing the "real" dog. You don't have to deal with changing character due to dog puberty.

This is also great because it means that you can get recommendations from the staff on what dog will match the kind of new family member you want. You'll get precisely the type of canine companion you want and exactly the type of pet ownership experience you desire.

#5 They're Vet Ready!

Most rescue dogs will have already had a complete veterinarian check-up and likely have all their shots entirely up to date. This saves you plenty of stress when getting their medical checks all in order. You also get any information about potential medical issues. This means you don't have to worry about a host of nasty health surprises that could emerge later on.

Of course, you'll still want to give your rescue dog the most health support and care possible. That's where dog wellness plans with Wagmo come in. With Wagmo, you can receive wellness coverage for the examinations and tests your new dog needs to stay healthy for its entire life.