A pet wellness plan offers the perfect way to avoid spending thousands of dollars on pet care, medical bills, and veterinarian fees. It helps you to take care of your pet’s needs in a cost-effective way.

While you get peace of mind with a wellness plan, your pet gets routine veterinary visits and medical assistance.  

Pet parents and owners often feel that getting a wellness plan is related to pet aging and growing health conditions. But that is not true and also not applicable in most cases. A pet wellness plan helps provide routine grooming, flea treatment, dental care, veterinary screening, vaccination, and routine blood work.

If you’re adopting a pet from a shelter home or rescue group, you must get pet insurance with a wellness plan to ensure proper care and financial help for the things you are already paying for. It is the ideal way to go about prevention and get the most out of pet health insurance options.

You can get a wellness plan for pets as early as soon as you bring them home or as they grow older. Each stage of pet development requires proper attention and healthcare facilities due to accidents and illness or routine upkeep. This is why age should never be a factor when signing up for Wagmo wellness plans.

Below, we look at some benefits of investing in a wellness plan for your pets, regardless of whether they are a newborn puppy, a  loved senior dog or somewhere in between.  

For Puppies and Kittens

Firstly, you should not associate pet wellness plans and insurance programs with aging or something to consider with the later life stages of your pet. If you’re all set to adopt a young kitten or puppy, this is the best time to look for affordable pet insurance with wellness plans.

Young pets will surely make the most out of routine veterinary care, as it is the prime time for them to get core vaccination and examinations to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also the age to get various skin and dental cleaning routines or mouth-related problems assessed, including tooth loss, infection, or oral pain.

To avoid regular medical bills and vet check-up expenses, you should look for pet insurance for kittens or enroll in dog wellness plans as early as you bring them home. New pet parents are encouraged to invest in a wellness plan as it encourages you to take your pets to routine grooming sessions, behavioral training and vaccine appointments.

For Senior Pets

Like humans, pets age too, and various acute and chronic health problems come with aging. Both senior dogs and cats are susceptible to diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, kidney problems, arthritis, and gastrointestinal issues.

Though these health problems are related to your pet's genetics, physiology, caring needs, and the environment, they still crave attention and immediate medical assistance.
A pet wellness plan helps diagnose the early signs of such diseases through routine veterinary visits and checkups. Wagmo’s cost-effective wellness and insurance plans help you to bear the expenses of routine medical checkups, veterinarian visits, and medications.

Pet Wellness Plans Are Beneficial At Any Age

Some of the most substantial benefits of getting a pet wellness plan include:

Preventative Care: We all know that prevention is better than cure, and with a wellness plan, your pets get the best preventative care. With a dog wellness plan or a cat wellness plan, you’ll instinctively take your puppies or kittens to routine care and checkups. This is the best way you can prevent a disease or health condition.

Discounted Healthcare: A wellness plan helps you get affordable services and medical assistance for your pet. There are specially curated wellness plans and pet insurance programs that help you save dollars on medical bills and routine visits.

Helps you Plan Your Budget Better: With a pet wellness plan and pet insurance, you don’t have to worry about immediate medical costs; that may arise due to an acute health problem in your pets.

Ensures Good Health and Care Support: More than helping you save money, a wellness plan for pets also helps you promote a healthy lifestyle for your pets. Healthy pets promote a healthy and happy environment.

If you’ve made up your mind to invest in a pet wellness plan or to get pet insurance for your puppies, kittens, or senior pets, look for a suitable plan at Wagmo. We have different pet insurance programs and wellness plans that suit your need and budget. Take our quiz to find out which pet wellness plan is right for you and your pet.