It's a fact that many of us found ourselves with new furry friends over the course of the pandemic. Maybe it's because we were working from home and needed companionship or were looking for a way to reduce our stress. Or perhaps the pandemic just made us reassess our values and goals and encouraged us to go for the things we'd been putting off.

However, with many returning to offices, there has been a growing worry. Can our pets come into the offices? If not, who will take care of them? And what about things like pet wellness benefits?

So, a lot of questions need answering. But for that last one, you don't need to deal with it on your own. An increasing number of businesses are offering pet wellness as part of their employee benefits packages. But if your business doesn't offer it yet, how can you convince your boss or HR department to give pet wellness benefits another look? You just need to explain to your boss that pet wellness for employees is…

#1 Financially Sound

Often the primary barrier between you and convincing your boss to add something to your employee benefits package is purely the cost. We get it. No HR department can do absolutely everything.

However, when it comes to employee pet benefits, pet wellness programs are pretty easy to squeeze in. Pet premiums are often much lower than humans' health premiums. Plus, with a flexible benefits package, not every employee will be needing pet wellness benefits anyways.

#2 Relevant

Pets matter more than ever. With so many pet owners being made during the pandemic, the question now remains how many of them are ready for the transition back to "normalcy." Plenty of pet owners are undergoing a lot of stress right now as they decide the best working arrangement for them going forward. So why not show all these new pet owners that you understand the situation that they're in?

#3 Stress Reducing

No pet owner, new or old, wants to worry about how they're going to cover pet wellness. Most businesses understand that providing support for the health of employees and their families lets them focus less on illnesses and more on their work. Given how important pets are to so many of us, why shouldn't pet wellness be treated the same way?

#4 Trendy

Important business magazines are already talking about pet wellness benefits. It's also already become a part of employee benefit packages at many of the largest companies in America, such as Ticketmaster. If your business wants to hit the big leagues, copying the fringe benefits of other successful businesses will help you stand out.

This isn't just about prestige, either. If you keep your employee pet benefits, attuned to the pulse of what is in demand, your company will look so much more attractive to new hires. And if your company has been struggling to fill spots and retain employees in a post-Great Resignation world, then this will surely be an argument your boss will want to listen to.

At Wagmo,  we offer pet wellness programs for employees, helping owners take better care of their pets. So if pet wellness matters to you, it’s time to convince your boss how much it matters as well!