Finally, decided to modernize your employer benefits package with pet wellness coverage for employees? Ready to roll out pet wellness coverage for your team? Congratulations on making a great decision! But what do you do next? How do you go about finding the best pet wellness program for your employees? Let's find out.

Why Employees Want Pet Wellness

Wait, you haven't added pet wellness to your employer benefit packages? Well, you better start considering it. Companies often provide wellness insurance for humans, letting their employees get the checkups they need to reduce their medical risks.

With the same idea in mind, more are adding pet wellness coverage to their employer benefit packages. It's an affordable way to make sure that the pet owners in your company feel like they are getting the support they need.

So once you've decided that it's time to look into pet wellness, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself next. Here's a quick list.

#1 Am I Looking for Pet Insurance or Pet Wellness?

It's essential to understand the difference between pet insurance and pet wellness plans before incorporating them into your employer benefit packages. What's the difference? Well, it often depends on which pet insurance company you will be working with (more on that in a bit).

Generally, pet insurance will cover direct medical costs. This could be everything from emergency vet or hospital visits to medication and testing.

Pet wellness plans, on the other hand, tend to cover more preventive medicine. This could include the costs of routine examinations and vaccines, plus dental care and grooming appointments. It's important to always go through the offerings carefully and see what is listed as covered and what isn't.

Some insurance companies also might have longer waiting periods when submitting a claim for surgery. Whereas Wagmo Wellness employee pet benefits offer 24 hour reimbursement on all your pet wellness claims. It is generally recommended to look for options that can be flexible to your needs.

#2 What Is the Budget?

Now that you know that pet wellness is what you’re specifically looking for, it's time to start shopping around. Thankfully, pet wellness costs are generally pretty reasonable. It shouldn't be too difficult to find pet wellness programs for employees that fit within your budget.

#3 How do Reimbursements Work?

Of course, you'll want to figure out how much can be reimbursed. But that's not the only part of making claims you should examine. How easy is the claims process to handle? How quick is the turnaround? You want an easy claims process to manage for you and your employees, not a hassle.

#4 What are the Treatment Options?

Any good pet wellness plan will offer some flexibility when choosing vets and service providers. If a vet won't work with a specific wellness plan, there's no point in having that plan.

Also, don't forget to check for things like telemedicine or in-home services! Some of your employees may really appreciate these choices.

#5 Is The Company Trusted and Well Reviewed?

Often, the best indicator of how well a pet wellness coverage company will take care of your employees is in the reviews. Doing diligent research to find past proven success is key to selecting the best plan.

At Wagmo, we help businesses set up pet wellness programs. Compared to regular pet insurance, Wagmo’s pet wellness program helps your employees cover the everyday costs of pet care.