Summer's here, and with it comes the chance to take your pets out to the dock, beach, or pool. Cooling off is important for humans and pets alike. However, before you hit the water, bear in mind some vital pet water safety tips. Wagmo Pet Insurance keeps you covered for the worst-case scenarios. Still, it's better to make sure these worst-case scenarios never happen in the first place.

General water safety

If you have children and have thought about their water safety before, many of the same principles apply to your pets. Both young children and pets don't have the capacity to make the best water safety decisions. That's why when it comes to your cats and dogs, it's up to you to make the best pet safety decisions.

Never leave a cat or dog unattended near a body of water, even if you think they're a strong swimmer. If there's one piece of advice to take, it's this one. If you have a pool in your backyard, securely cover it when it's not in use. Don't leave any space for a cat or dog to crawl under and get trapped or potentially drown.

Water safety for dogs

Generally, cats aren't up for swims. While there are a few breeds that might be willing to take the plunge, in general, house cats would prefer to keep their fur dry. Dogs, on the other hand, are far more adventurous when it comes to water. This means you can have a great time swimming with your canine in the summer heat. It also means you need to protect your dog around water.

Not every dog is a swimmer, and that's okay. If your dog doesn't seem like it's into jumping into a pool or lake, then leave it be. It knows how comfortable it is. Don't force it on your dog — even our Wagmo Wellness plan doesn't cover doggy therapists!

If you're out on a boat or worry your dog is heading out too far, invest in a doggy life jacket. This is a wonderful way to get some extra peace of mind. Also, go easy on your dog. Give them plenty of chances to return to dry land and take a break. Provide an area for them to decompress and relax.

Pools might seem safer than open water, but there are a few additional risks you might not have considered. If playing fetch with your dog around a pool, be careful of the water intake. Dog's tails can get sucked in and cause some painful injuries!

Cover yourself with Wagmo pet insurance

At Wagmo, we offer our Wagmo wellness plans for everyday wellness. This helps prevent more serious medical conditions from emerging over your pet's lifespan. However, sometimes accidents happen. This is especially true when playing around water and boats. And in that case, you'll want a dog insurance plan that's easy, fast, and comprehensive.
Thankfully, you're nearly there. Wagmo Pet Insurance gives you everything you need in a dog insurance plan in one easy package. This lets you confidently take your dog on whatever aquatic adventures you plan this summer.