Employees across the United States are demanding pet perks. If you're considering adopting a pet-friendly company culture but aren't sure how to do it, look at others for inspiration. Pet insurance employee benefits, among other perks, are topping the list of what makes companies attractive. Below, we'll snapshot several companies successfully providing pet perks to their employees.

Deciding to provide pet perks—here's what you need to do

For some companies, offering pet insurance employee benefits is their way of supporting pet parents. Yet, others go a step further by turning their office into a pet-friendly workplace. However you decide to offer pet perks, make sure to do it right. Employers and HR departments should be exhausting all avenues to ensure their team's furry friends are being cared for.

Right now, employees in America are in a strong position when it comes to choosing their workplace. The pandemic opened many people's eyes. Employee benefits must go beyond traditional dental, vision, and health insurance. Our pets are important too. Whether your company's back in the office or staying remote, the pet perks you provide need to be valuable and practical.

If this is your company's first time providing pet perks as part of employer group benefits, there are a few steps you need to take.

  1. Understand your rationale. Providing pet insurance employee benefits and other perks for the sake of it isn't enough. Employers must fully understand the difference these benefits will make in their organization. Once you know how vital pet perks are for your employees, it'll solidify your drive to create a pet-friendly company culture.
  2. Look at how others are doing it. Introducing new employee benefits doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and research to get it right. If you're unsure how to make your company more welcoming to pet owners, look at other companies’ success stories.
  3. Move forward with focus. The worst thing you can do is offer pet perks as part of employee benefits and not take action. The sooner you get pet insurance employee benefits and other perks in place, the better. Not only will it delight your existing employees, but it could also help you attract new talent.

Employee pet benefits: Five companies doing it successfully

There has been a significant increase in employers enticing employees back to the office with pet perks, such as stipends, pet insurance, and more. However, certain companies have kept pet parents in mind for years. Let's look at some of the top pet-friendly companies in America.


If you're looking to emulate a company that successfully built a pet-friendly office, look no further than Amazon. This company welcomes up to 7,000 dogs at its offices. Providing an on-campus dog park and free pet treats, employees can happily bring their pooches with them to work. Additionally, Amazon also gives discounted pet insurance employee benefits—so pet care costs are never an issue.  


This company offers extensive benefits to make employees' lives easier, mainly where their pets are involved. As well as a dog-friendly office, athenahealth provides pet health insurance, time off to care for pets, and a pet-care stipend.

Ben & Jerry's

While taking three pints of ice cream or frozen yogurt home daily is a perk many Ben & Jerry employees love, the pet perks are even better. As a company, Ben & Jerry's employs approximately 110 staff members. Yet, on-site, they could have up to twenty pets at any given time. Additionally, they provide pet insurance employee benefits and a monthly pet-care stipend.


Across Kinship's three offices, every day is a "bring your dog to work" day. This company understands the responsibilities that pet parents have. That's why they offer employees paid time off for pet bereavement and for welcoming a new pet. Additionally, the company gives pet parents (and their furry friends) free treats and an annual stipend of $750 for pet products.


Self-Made is another example of a company that understands how to support its pet-owner employees. This New York-based organization provides pet-friendly office space for those who can't leave their dogs home alone. Additionally, they give each pet parent $400 annually toward pet care expenses. If a pet passes away, the company has a generous paid time off leave policy.

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