There are tons  of affordable pet insurance companies on the market, and comparing them can get confusing. So we made a guide for  pet parents to  reference when deciding on which pet health insurance company to go with.

Obtaining an insurance policy for your pet is a surefire way to lower the vet bill throughout their lifespan. However, knowing which pet insurance companies are the best for your needs is hard. Examining the pet health insurance policies offered by providers ultimately shows that there are several options for insurance coverage that can provide pet parents with much-needed peace of mind.

Which Company Offers the Best Pet Insurance for Cats and Dogs?

Pet health insurance works much like human health insurance in the United States. Some brands offer better wellness coverage, and others provide coverage for more unique disorders like hip dysplasia. It's up to the owners to look at their pet's pre-existing conditions, number of required vet visits, and coverage options before signing up for cat or dog insurance.

Whether pet owners want pet insurance plans for routine care or insurance coverage for chronic conditions, they have several options available to them. Looking at the available pet health insurance companies can take some time. So we decided to look at some of the best insurance options on the market and demonstrate why they are worth it to owners.

While these different companies have unique takes on vet care, it's worth looking at them because they're often considered the best companies offering pet insurance for cats and dogs.


A woman wearing a white t-shirt and khaki jumpsuit holding her pet dog

Wagmo is a pet insurance company that is noteworthy for its ability to help people seek pet wellness plans separate from cat or dog insurance. Furthermore, the company provides nationwide coverage and allows for add-ons to the plan as they're needed.

The reimbursement payments are another highlight of this coverage; they're paid out in multiple convenient ways. Whether a customer is looking for preventative care options for their pet insurance or comprehensive coverage, they'd do well to get a quote from this company beforehand.

Unlike traditional pet insurance companies, Wagmo offers no waiting periods and no deductibles. They also provide the fastest claim reimbursements in the whole industry. When you submit a wellness claim, you’ll get reimbursed within twenty-four hours via Venmo or PayPal.

Wagmo members also get access to exclusive perks, such as:

  • 40% off DNA & Genetics with basepaws;
  • 20% off dog training with GoodPup;
  • Up to 15% off pet clothing at The Foggy Dog and MiAMORE;
  • 30% off dog toys and gear at dogdrop;
  • One month free BarkBox subscription;
  • 10% off custom pet portraits with Andrea Caceres;
  • 10% off food and treats at treatibles;
  • Discounted medications at California Pet Pharmacy.

Not only does Wagmo allow you to save on vet bills and procedure costs, they allow you to cut down on other essential pet ownership costs too.


Like many pet insurers, Trupanion offers various levels of pet insurance coverage options. The company has a lifetime per condition deductible. That means the owner must only meet the annual deductible for the first time the issue is diagnosed, and then the owner is reimbursed. This is great for hereditary conditions. This is a unique deductible option that saves pet owners money.

Healthy Paws

With a decade of being rated as a top pet insurance provider, Healthy Paws is known for its fast signup process and ease with which coverage can be activated for medical care. They don't have as many levels of coverage available, though.  Customer reviews highlight the usefulness of their pet health insurance plans regarding checkups and wellness care.

Figo Pet Insurance

Figo Pet Insurance is making a splash in the world of annual benefits for pets. Not only is there a 'one annual deductible' option, but this insurance policy also has variable levels of complete coverage available for its clients. The comprehensive coverage can help with illness coverage to more difficult veterinary care.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance offers customers various customized levels of coverage that can reduce one's monthly premium to a manageable level. The brand features many options, from pet wellness plans and general health care to emergency care. However, these insurance providers are not particularly useful for exotic pet owners or people requiring illness coverage for their senior pets.

Ultimately, it's up to the pet parents to determine what they need from their pet health insurance companies before getting a quote. It's essential to look at annual limits on co-pays, the treatment of congenital conditions, and the length of the waiting period before signing up with any insurance company. By doing proper research, it's clear that some companies, such as Wagmo, provide cat and dog insurance that works for pet parents and pet needs.Still unsure about whether pet insurance or a pet wellness plan is the right choice for you and your pet? Read our FAQ page to learn more about how we can keep your pet safe and healthy.