A hospital visit can be intimidating for humans. Imagine then, how intimidating it must be for pets who aren't in a position to fully understand everything that is going on.

Similarly, organizing a hospital visit for a human family member can be challenging enough. A pet however, won't grasp how complex your planning is. It will be 100% on you to handle all of the preparation.

Sound intimidating? It doesn't have to be. Here are some basic ways to make a hospital visit with a pet smoother - before, during, and after.

Preparing Before the Visit

Get Pet Insurance and Wellness Coverage

Pet insurance plans will be your best friend when it comes to paying for a lot of different procedures. By ensuring that you have pet health insurance, you can remove a lot of the payment worry. Cat and dog medical insurance lets you focus on preparing for a pet hospital visit.

Attend All the Pre-Appointments

Your veterinarian may set some appointments beforehand for preparation and checkups. You must make sure that you attend all of these. It's also a good idea to prepare any questions you might have. If your veterinary clinic is where the operation will take place, you can bring your pet to get them used to the space. And remember to bring something to take notes with!

Keep Your Pet Healthy Beforehand

Routine care will be essential in the lead-up to the hospital visit. Making sure your pet is eating healthily and getting enough exercise is vital to help speed recovery. Of course, you should ask your vet if there are any specific exercise or dietary restrictions your pet should be following.

Give Some Grooming Love!

If your pet wellness plan covers it, why not gift your pet some special bathing and grooming time beforehand? This will get them relaxed in the days leading up to the operation. Many vets also appreciate a groomed pet, which can be easier to operate on. Shaggy hair can make a lot of procedures tricky.

Arrange Transportation

Make sure to space out time on the calendar for the day of the operation. You will want to figure out who in your family is taking the animal to the hospital and who is going to pick them up. If you can, get a family member or friend to come along to help with the transportation in case you want one driver, and one person to comfort the pet.

Check Your Vaccines

One other important thing to check with your vet is if any of your pet's vaccinations need updating. It's crucial that you cover this question during the preliminary appointments. If they need an update, make sure to schedule them as quickly as possible.

What to Do During a Hospital Visit

Check For Feeding Instructions

Generally, your vet will want you to avoid feeding your pet during the day of the hospital visit. Make sure that your pet isn't sneaking any food from anywhere! Your vet may also have specific instructions for water or medication - just follow them all as precisely as possible.

Give Yourself Time

No hospital visit should ever be rushed. Take as much of the day off as possible before going to the vet. This lets both you and your pet relax. The day should start as a normal and fun one for your pet. If you get stressed, your pet will pick up on it and get stressed out as well.

Hurry Up and Wait

Waiting will be the worst part, but there's nothing really to be done about it. Your vet will probably give you specific instructions on when to come back for your pet. Make sure you follow them precisely. In fact, try to show up a little bit earlier to make sure you are there to take your pet home. Make sure that your contact information is updated and has been given to the vet. Also have any pet health insurance information you need ready as well.

What to Do After a Hospital Visit

Listen to the Vet

Immediately after the hospital visit, you should receive a care checklist from your vet. Make sure to get a physical copy if possible. There are often very specific and essential care instructions. If possible, get a written sheet or email to have a reference.

Get Home and Get Some Rest

It's essential to keep your pet comfortable after their hospital visit. You don't want to do anything too rowdy with them, but try to have something special for them at home - a special treat or a new toy. If they associate positive memories with the day, they'll be more comfortable with future hospital visits.

Make Your Home Pet Patient Ready

The best way to help your pet relax is to ensure that they have a relaxing environment. Make sure you don't have anything potentially stressful booked while your pet is recovering. A sick pet trying to sleep isn't going to appreciate loud renovations. If you have children, it's also essential that they understand that playtime might need to wait a while.

Make Your Pet Health Insurance Claim

Now all your need to do is make sure you have a claim made under your pet insurance plan. With Wagmo pet health insurance, you can easily do this online, with a short waiting period. Make your claim, and it will be ready in a snap. It's that easy!