Here at Wagmo, we're pet obsessed. So when it comes to the holidays, we love to give and receive gifts that our furry friends also appreciate! We've curated a gift guide with some of our favorite products and brands for pet parents and pets alike - including discount codes just for you!

1. For The Protective Pet Parent

Fi is the smartest dog collar ever built. It's a GPS tracking device along with an activity and sleep tracker! We recommend this for all pet parents to protect their best friends.

While Wagmo wellness plans and pet health insurance are there for you when you need them, Fi's smart collar can help keep your dog healthy and happy. The Fi Smart Dog Collar offers you insight into your dog's weight, behavior, and activity levels. This can help you catch any signs of injury or illness straight away. Plus, the Fi Smart Collar is great for keeping track of your dog when they're off-leash, hiking, swimming, hunting, herding, etc.

Fi Smart Dog Collars have given Wagmo a unique discount code to offer! Get $50 off for four days only! The perfect gift for dog lovers on your list. Just use the code “wagmo50” at checkout.

2. For The Fun Pet Parent

Everyone knows about Barkbox, but maybe you don't need the full box every month, or you want to get some extra gifts for your pet this year. Head over to the Barkshop, where you can get individual toys and treats for your pet! You will find the best gift for dog lovers in your life at Barkbox, including yummy treats and toys, including interactive toys that keep your dog entertained and sharp.

We love Barkbox's pull-apart toys when we need to leave our dog home alone. It helps keep them entertained and stops them from chewing or playing with things they shouldn't. Not to mention they have the cutest holiday-themed toys you must check out.

3. For The Obsessed Pet Parent

Do you know someone who can't get enough of their pet? Get them a portrait of their furry friend that they can look at all the time! Our favorite artist, Andrea Caceres, does personalized pet portraits that make the perfect holiday gift for dog lovers and cat lovers.

Plus, we have a unique code that gets you 10% off your order on her website. Just use code WAGMO at checkout!

4. For The Inquisitive Pet Parent

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what breed your pet is? Maybe you're interested to see if they are pre-disposed for any health conditions due to their genetics? A DNA test would be the perfect gift for someone like this! We recommend Basepaws Breed + Health DNA kit for all our cat parents out there!

Basepaws DNA kit can also come in handy when determining which pet health insurance plan is right for you and your pet in the long run. For example, if you discover your mixed breed dog is part Boxer, you should consider a Wagmo wellness plan with dental coverage. Boxers (and Great Danes, Collies, Bulldogs, etc.) are more prone to gingival hyperplasia.

Use their code “DNAGIFT” at checkout to receive $40 off on your DNA test, with a FREE cat toy + FirstVet subscription for 6 months!

5. For The Financially Savvy Pet Parent

Last but not least, of course, we recommend a Wagmo Wellness and Pet Health Insurance plan to all pet parents! An annual or monthly pet health plan would make any pet parents holiday. You will be giving the gift of peace of mind - knowing that vet bills won't be the biggest concern during routine or emergency care.

Use code GIFT21 at checkout to get $20 off your first month of a Wagmo Wellness plan!