Are you considering expanding your employee benefit package? Are you looking to attract more employees in a competitive market? Are you searching for the best perks to stand out amidst the crowd? Then it may be time that you consider adding pet wellness to your employee benefits coverage.

Perks and employee benefit packages are vital to attracting the best hires to your organization. And out of all the benefits possible, health and insurance tend to be the most popular. Many companies are starting to move beyond just offering regular health insurance, however. More than ever, pet wellness is seen as increasingly desirable. Why? Well, there are a few reasons employers and employees alike are seeing the benefits of pet wellness plans. Here are just a few.

Reasons Your Company Needs Pet Wellness Benefits

#1 Reduces Stress Around the Office

Health problems are one of the most stressful things you can deal with, even if you’re not the one with an illness. If a family member you care about is ill, that’s bad enough. If you have to foot the bill for care, that’s an entirely new level of stress. Pets are completely reliant on us for their medical care, creating a heavy financial responsibility. If your employees are worried about sick pets, their heart isn’t going to fully be in their work.

By letting the pet owners in your office know that they’re covered, you can remove at least one emotional burden from them. Pet wellness plans are also a way to let prospective pet owners in your company feel less nervous about getting their first animal friend. And those in your business without pets will have greater confidence that their pet-owning coworkers are feeling (and performing) their best.

#2 Demonstrates Your Work-Life Balance Commitment

Employees are a picky lot these days. Many are wary of the dangers of burnout and companies that don’t respect the line between work and home life. By offering pet wellness plans, you make it clear to your employees that you value them as people, not just as workers.

In particular, this demonstrates that you’re willing to provide benefits that target remote workers who will also have their pets around all the time. Since pets are excellent stress relief all on their own to have around, this furthers a happy workforce and lowers money lost to things like absenteeism.’

#3 Improves Retention Rates

Do you know what reducing stress and showing your commitment to your employees will mean? In short, fewer employees will be leaving your company on average. If the types of benefits you are offering fit in well with the lifestyles of your employees, then why would they want to leave your company? Improving your retention rates will go on to save you money in the long term, as you don’t need to be spending money on hiring.

#4 Keeps You Competitive

Lastly, having pet wellness covered simply makes you more competitive in your hiring process, flat out. It’s not exactly the most common benefit - at least not yet! Employees who care about their pets, or care about the mental health of their coworkers, are going to take notice. Pet wellness benefits can be the true “secret sauce” that makes your job postings genuinely stand out compared to all your competitors in the field.

Ready to stand out now? Then check out what Wagmo Wellness plans have to offer! We offer pet wellness plans to employees, helping businesses feel secure in the safety of their four-legged friends at home.