All pet owners ask, "I wonder what my cat does when I'm not home?" If you're a pet parent who spends hours each day out of the house, you might have considered buying a pet camera. Yet, are pet cameras worth it? And how do they contribute as part of pet wellness protection? Below, we'll discuss the pros and cons of getting a pet camera for cats.

Wondering what your kitty does at home all day? Here's a way to find out

In most cases, the answer might be sleep (our feline friends love their cat naps). However, cats can get up to mischief when their owners aren't around. If you've ever wondered what activities your cat enjoys during the day or night, a pet camera is one of the best ways to find out.

Remotely monitoring your pet isn't a new concept. Various types of security equipment allow pet parents to keep tabs on their kitties—from pet treat dispensers to monitors that attach to your cat's collar. Many pet cameras also offer functions, such as two-way audio, video recording, and motion notifications.

With so much information at your fingertips, you'll never wonder how your plants keep getting knocked over again. Or why you're constantly missing random socks from the laundry pile.

Pros and cons of buying a pet camera for cats

These cameras can give pet parents peace of mind, especially when they can't be with their cats 24/7. Yet, before you rush to buy the latest pet security tech, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Below, we'll look at what pet parents can expect when buying a pet camera for cats.  


  • Monitor your cat's habits. One of the main benefits of buying a pet camera for cats is you can monitor their habits. Thanks to the video recording function, you can easily see what your fur baby is getting up to when home alone. For example, you can discover if they're eating correctly or showing separation anxiety signs.
  • Discourage any unwanted cat behavior. As cat parents know too well, claws and furniture don't mix. Having access to a built-in speaker, you can discipline your kitty remotely when they're being naughty. Therefore, putting an end to Fluffy using your favorite armchair as its scratching post.
  • Sense of security. Another core benefit of having a pet camera for cats is the peace of mind it provides, knowing they're in a safe environment. These devices work the same way any other home security device does—meaning, you can ensure nothing is happening to your cat or property.
  • Prevents cat boredom. As you may already know, cat boredom can lead to destructive behaviors. Interacting with your feline friend during the day through video or audio features entertains them and keeps their minds active.
  • Wellness protection. A pet camera for cats also acts as a form of wellness protection. Unfortunately, our pets can get into accidents or fall ill anytime. Checking in on them throughout the day helps you identify if something is wrong, allowing you to act quickly.


  • The quality of pet cameras varies. A pet camera for cats can be expensive, especially if you're looking for top-quality equipment. However, no two pet cameras are alike. Quality can vary dramatically. For example, some cameras may have poor image resolution or a narrow field of vision.
  • The camera is stationary. While this doesn't apply to all pet cameras, for some the cameras are stationary. This means you can't pan across the room to see what your kitty is doing. In terms of wellness protection, this may hamper your ability to stop them from engaging in destructive behavior.
  • Causes distractions. Watching your pet throughout your day can become an obsession. Checking in once or twice while at work is encouraged. But constantly monitoring their movements isn't productive or healthy. If you're an anxious cat parent, pet cameras mightn't be a good option.

Keep an eye on your cat's well-being with Wagmo pet wellness coverage

Pet cameras certainly have their advantages. While Wagmo's cat wellness plans can't give you insight into what your cat gets up to every day, they do keep an eye on your pet's health. By signing up for pet wellness coverage, you'll get access to affordable wellness exams, such as vaccinations, routine blood work, cat dental hygiene, and more.

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