If your company is on the fence regarding pet benefits for employees, understanding how they impact workplace engagement can help. Pet insurance and wellness plans have been offered to employees for years. Yet, these benefits seem to be more imperative than ever before. Below, we look at pet benefits' direct impact on employee engagement.

Decreased engagement levels? Pet benefits for employees could fix that

Owning pets offers multiple mental-health benefits for employees. However, what does it mean for employee engagement? It's no surprise that workplace engagement levels have their ups and downs. Since the pandemic, workers have been facing many challenges, including financial struggles and health anxiety. For employers noticing engagement levels dropping, introducing pet benefits for employees could be the way forward.

Having low engagement levels has a direct impact on your bottom line. It results in poor quality work, unmet deadlines, and unhappy customers. This is concerning. But why are employee pet wellness benefits being recommended for companies?

From an employee's perspective, there's something unique about working for a pet-inclusive company. We're not talking solely about pet-friendly workplaces (although they're important too). Instead, we mean benefit packages that offer valuable support to pet parents. Employees want to see you investing in their pets' well-being. When this happens, loyalty and morale levels increase.

The argument for a pet-inclusive workplace environment: A HABRI study

A Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) study in collaboration with Nationwide found that pet owners who are offered pet benefits feel more appreciated and valued. According to the survey, approximately 91% of employees felt more engaged at work when working in a pet-friendly office. These same workers felt their work was more exciting and rewarding.

In comparison, those who worked in a non-pet-friendly company said their engagement levels were approximately 65%, and their interest levels were about 46%. A pet-friendly workplace is much more rewarding and desirable than one that isn't. So, how can employers boost engagement levels with employee pet wellness plans? And what result will it have?

How pet wellness plans boost workplace engagement

The figures are promising. Yet, many employers want clear examples of how workplace engagement will change with pet benefits. That's understandable. Below are the main differences you'll see when introducing pet wellness plans.

Increases attendance

Pet benefits such as pet insurance plans or a pet-friendly office space increase attendance levels. An employer-sponsored insurance plan will give workers financial support and peace of mind if a pet is sick. Also, pet-friendly offices mean employees don't have to worry about leaving their furry friends alone. They can bring them to the office and know they're being looked after in their workplace.

Your team can work with furry friends by their side without worrying about managing vet bills or if their pets are safe at home. This inevitably results in higher attendance and better engagement rates.

Improves retention levels

The Great Renegotiation has seen many employees leave their existing companies for greener pastures. In many cases, they move to organizations offering employee pet benefits. To stay attractive in a competitive market, pet-related perks will draw talented employees to you. However, they’ll also ensure current workers will stay satisfied where they are—boosting retention levels.      

Enhances internal communication and collaboration

Pet benefits for employees, such as pet-friendly offices, are also known for improving communication and collaboration. Having pets in the workplace is a conversation starter. It encourages employees to interact with each other on a personal level, not solely a professional one. These types of workplaces are known for enhancing internal collaboration efforts. Both factors result in increased workplace engagement levels.

Provides stress relief

Pet benefits for employees provide stress relief in multiple ways. Pet ownership is a costly financial burden, and it's only getting worse. The annual basic pet care for dogs is approximately $1480, and close to 47% of pet parents have pet-related debt. Workers with access to pet wellness plans or pet insurance experience decreased stress levels.

Why is this? Many pet benefits for employees help them deal with pet ownership expenses. Without needing to worry about finances, pet parents are happier in their personal and professional lives.

Encourages loyalty and trust

Employees want to feel that they and their families are valued—even if their family members have four legs and a tail. Pet benefits for employees, such as pet wellness plans, does precisely this. Access to financial support allows workers to provide everyday pet care and sends a clear message. It proves to employees that they and their pets matter to you.

When teams feel valued, their trust levels in their employers rise dramatically. Additionally, their sense of loyalty toward their company increases. When those two factors are present, this positively impacts employee engagement.

Boosts productivity

Lastly, employee pet wellness plans boost productivity levels across the whole organization. Let's face it, we all like to know our pets are in good health. When we can provide the care needed to keep beloved furry friends happy and healthy, it makes our lives easier. And a hassle-free pet parent life leads to a boost in productivity and creativity.

This is true for both in-office and remote employees. Regardless of where they are, they are more dedicated and productive in their roles once they have access to great pet benefits.

Watch engagement levels soar with Wagmo wellness benefits

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