Does your feline friend run for the hills every time they see the clippers? Or maybe they love a nice nail pampering session? Either way, our cat’s nails grow quite fast and they will need to be trimmed fairly often. Trimming indoor cats’ nails are particularly important as they are not naturally being worn down outside.

Why should I trim my cat’s nails? How do I trim my cat’s nails? How often should I trim my cat's nails? Read on for all the answers.

Why Is It Important To Trim My Cat’s Nails?

Cat’s nails are very important to them as they help them climb trees, mark their territory, scratch (hopefully a scratching post), and more. Unlike dogs, cats' nails are retractable and can stay tucked away until they are needed. So you might not always notice how long they are, but cats' nails are continuously growing and can get uncomfortable to live with.

Overgrown nails can become very distressing for cats as they can begin to grow into the cat’s footpad. This would be severely painful and affect the cat’s ability to move around. Your cat’s long and sharp nails also can begin to get caught on things. This risks injury from the cat ripping the nail when trying to free themselves. This could lead to an emergency vet visit and very quickly ruin a nice wool sweater.

How Do I Trim My Cat’s Nails?

Pet owners may ask themselves this question. Some cats don’t mind when you touch their paws as they are easygoing and barely notice you cutting their nails. However, some cats will definitely not be okay with you grabbing at their paws. So it might take time for them to become more comfortable with you touching their toes.

With a cat wellness plan you don’t need to worry about cutting your cats nails yourself as groomers are pros at doing it well and safely! Vets are also usually happy to do it when you are there for a check-up or other exams. However, if you are going to do it yourself here are some tips:

Preparing To Cut Cat’s Nails

  • For a few days begin softly massaging your cat’s paws. When you’re done, offer your cat a treat. This will warm them up to you touching their feet.
  • Get your cat used to the noise of nail clippers. You can cut dry spaghetti near the cat.
  • Choose a calm quiet place and sit with them on a couch or chair when massaging the paws. Ideally, they would be falling asleep after a meal.

Cutting Your Cats Nails

  • Place the cat in your lap facing away from you.
  • Massage and press the footpad to extend the retracted nail.
  • Locate the ‘quick’. This is the red blood vessel you can see in the middle of the nail. DO NOT cut the quick. This is painful and causes bleeding.
  • Cut from top to bottom. Side to side can split the nail.
  • Cut as many nails as your cat will allow.

It’s okay if your cat doesn’t let you trim all of the nails in one sitting. Don’t force them or they may begin to fear every time you touch their paws. Make the experience as happy as possible and always give them a treat after.

How Often Should I Trim My Cat’s Nails?

How often should I trim my cat’s nails is a question that comes up quite often. The most important thing is that the nails aren’t dangerously long. But if your cat allows you, you should try to cut their nails every 10-14 days. Purchase some scratching pads for your cat as well. This can help them naturally file their nails down in between trims.

If your cat is not having it and will not allow you to trim their nails then you should consider a cat wellness plan. With a cat wellness plan, you can get coverage for professional, routine grooming that includes skin, fur and nail treatments.

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