People love pets - so much so that 85 million American households have pets. But pet parenting is more expensive than people expect.

The problem is that people with healthy pets don’t buy insurance. Many pet owners will say that the monthly cost isn’t worth it - until an emergency happens and you’re stuck with a bill you simply cannot afford. Our founder, Christie Horvath, knows this struggle all too well.

"When my beloved dog Denver was having a seizure on the floor of the pet hospital, I was quickly confronted with how traumatic and challenging pet parenting can be. I soon realized that if built correctly, pet insurance has the opportunity to be a product that can make a meaningful difference in pet parents' lives, even before something tragic happens.”

Unfortunately, 1 in 3 pets have unexpected emergencies annually, which can leave pet owners with outrageously high emergency care bills.

A pet insurance plan will cover accidents, illnesses, surgeries, cancer treatment, prescription medications, and more. These are the bigger-ticket items that come up less frequently, but can be financially debilitating.

Insurance doesn’t cover exam fees, vaccines, routine blood work and tests, grooming, or your flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. If you’re looking for help paying for this stuff, a wellness plan is your jam. Need help deciding? Check out our blog post where we break down the differences between wellness and insurance plans.

If this has convinced you that it’s time to get coverage for your pet, check out our wellness and insurance plan options and choose the plan that fits your budget and pets needs. Or, try out our recommendation engine and we’ll help you hone in on what type of coverage is best for you. Once you determine what type of plan (or both!) is right for you, visit any vet or groomer for treatment. All you have to do is submit a picture of your Wellness invoice and we’ll reimburse them as soon as the next day from Venmo or PayPal.

Even Dr. Lisa Lippman, one of the most followed and socially influential Veterinarians in the United States is a fan of Wagmo. "While there are a number of players in the space, coverage is often limited, premiums cost a lot and their policies just confuse the process. But with Wagmo, pet owners can easily afford to get their pets the routine and emergency care they need when they need it the most. I will continue to refer my customers to Wagmo as it's the forward looking solution they've been waiting for."

We’re using this month to spread awareness around the importance of having insurance for your pet. We hope this information helps you to see the value and peace of mind that having a pet insurance plan can bring you! Have some follow-up questions? Feel free to email us at or slide into our DMs. Yes, we’re a hip insurance company.