If you’re gift shopping for someone who loves hanging out with their pet, then a gift for their furbaby is sure to be a hit! Silly, cozy, or practical these are some of the coolest gifts that your beloved cat or dog lover may not have yet.

Gifts for your fur family so that no one is left out
Gifts for your fur family so that no one is left out

1. Paw balm

Winter conditions can make paws dried out and chapped, this Paw Balm from Wear Wag Repeat works wonders! Help those little beans perform and feel better in the cold months while giving pets and owners a great bonding experience. While you’re there, check out the rest of the cute stuff Wag Wear Repeat has to offer!

2. Pet odor eliminating candle

This Apple Cider candle from One Fur All Pets comes with rave reviews.

3. Hoodie with a pouch

Perfect for pet owners that like to baby their furbaby. This one by Roodie is extra cozy.

4. Something personalized, think custom dog portrait

This is a great gift to DIY, or if you're not the creative type, there are many awesome artists on Etsy like PrintableWisdom and NataliArtist who can immortalize any pet in a masterpiece. You can also get customized stickers from wagslaps or cute socks from DivvyUp so they can see their favorite furry face everywhere they look.

5. Barkbox

With two toys, two bags of treats and chew in every box, each shipment from Barkbox will be a fun surprise for your favorite pet family.

6. A doggie DNA test

Not only is it fun to know all about your pet's culture, this gift from Embark will also help ensure their best care by helping pet lovers know about the possible health conditions associated with different breeds.

7. A treat camera

Check in using Furbo and play with your pet remotely. Added bonus: this gift might help inspire your favorite introverted pet lover to come out for a night on the town.

8. The slow treater

This handy accessory from Aquapaw helps keep pups distracted during home grooming. They'll think of you fondly every time their dog's bath time goes more smoothly than expected!

9. Matching outfits

Cute holiday sweaters from Blueberry Pet or a matching duds for the whole family from Dogthreads make an instant recipe for one of the cutest photos you've ever seen.

10. Wagmo

A Wagmo Subscription allows your favorite pet owner to be reimbursed for routine and preventative pet care. This includes vet services like wellness exams, vaccines, bloodwork, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, dental care, and trips to the groomers.

Whatever you choose, your friends and your friend’s pets will be delighted by your thoughtful gift. Involving pets in your celebrations will help you all make funny stories and cherished memories together.

Happy holidays from your friends at Wagmo!