Getting a large breed dog means getting a large amount of love into your home. It can also mean chewed belongings, things knocked off counters, and other accidents resulting from a new, tall best friend in the home. This piece covers some tips for how to house proof when introducing a large breed dog into your home.

Challenges of large dog wellness

Before you can get into house proofing your home for large dog wellness, it's important you understand the challenge that comes with owning a large dog. Getting any new dog is a major undertaking. From puppy insurance plans to training, it's a lot to handle. However, the kind of dog you get will impact how easy (or not!) it is to take care of. Make sure you get a dog wellness plan that can cover all sorts of injuries!

Pay careful attention to the danger a large dog presents to your home and belongings. There are a few things to consider. Think about eyeline and reach. Dogs are naturally curious. Large dogs are curious and can see and reach objects to bite that other dogs can't.

Large dogs are also a lot stronger than smaller canines. They're often stronger than even they realize! A large dog can easily accidentally knock over furniture or plants in its excitement. This goes for chewing capacity too. A large dog is much more likely to destroy something it gets its jaws around, even if that wasn't the original intention.

It also goes without saying that large dogs are, well… large! That means they're going to take up a lot of space. If you have a couch, expect that you're going to be losing access to at least half of it.

House-proofing tips for big dogs

Block areas

Parents with children just starting to walk have caught on to the importance of baby gates to secure areas that could be a potential danger. Don't be afraid to use the same principle for larger dogs. If there's a room you don't want to deal with dog proofing right away, put up a barricade or baby gate at the entrance. While a temporary solution, it can give you time while you train your pooch.  

Clear counters

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be filled with things that could potentially harm your dogs and be filled with toxins. This includes a wide array of toxic cleaning supplies or hygiene products. Everything in your home needs a place, and shouldn't be left sitting out on a counter when you own a large breed dog. Even if it's not dangerous, it's likely your dog is going to get at it and try to chew it up. Leave countertops clear. Not only is it good for large dog wellness, but it also makes your house look sleek and clean.

Secure cabinets

We tend to assume dogs can't get into cabinets. After all, they never evolved opposable thumbs, right? However, even a crack open is enough for a large dog to brute force the rest. It's worth putting some child locks on cabinets. In fact, many tactics for childproofing a house work for large dogs. By the same token, keep drawers securely shut. This avoids the dog getting into the contents if they don’t have a small opening to pull on.

Get pedal garbage cans

We love our dogs, we really do. But to a curious dog who loves to sniff around, a garbage can filled with tissues and other items will turn them into ravaging raccoons. To avoid trash spillage, and your dog eating whatever is inside the trash can, it’s worth investing in foot pedal garbage bins around the home.

Curtains over windows

Did you know the largest dog breeds can damage your windows? Dogs will get excited when they see something outside, and large dogs can reach up to scratch their paws and claws all over the glass. Putting curtains over the windows discourages large dogs from attacking the window when they see a squirrel outside, for example.

Seat lock for toilets

Big dogs are at a height that allows them to do many things smaller dogs can't. This includes drinking from your toilet. It's hazardous to large dog wellness if you use toilet cleaners and pucks. Invest in a seat lock for the toilet.

Clean up toys

Countertops get cluttered. And if you have kids, the floors are apt to get strewn with toys as well. These toys could get chewed on by your dogs. Worse, they might pose as a choking hazard or if small enough, swallow them and get ill, needing you to use your Wagmo dog insurance for surgery. Keep all floors clear and with everything packed away securely and out of reach of curious dogs.

Store devices

There are never enough electrical plugs around when you need them. Because of this, it's tempting to plug things in anywhere and leave them lying around, even if there isn't a surface to reach them. Understand that a large dog will yank plugs out of walls, knock appliances over, and chew on electrical cords. Keep all devices high up or stowed and not in prime chewing territory.

Remove toxic threats

There are plenty of toxic risks in a house to pets, other than the bathroom cleaning supplies already mentioned. For example, a large dog could push their way into an open closet and chew on mothballs. They could also be powerful enough to rip leaves off houseplants that are toxic to them. If you're investing in a dog wellness plan, you clearly care about keeping your dog healthy. Don't jinx it by providing them with a potentially dangerous living space.
Large dog wellness can be intimidating. With a dog wellness plan or puppy insurance plan, you can make sure that no matter what happens, you don't have to worry about how to pay for your dog's health. Check out Wagmo dog insurance and wellness plans today!