It is undeniable that pet insurance is a must-have for pet parents these days. While most people understand that, many others are unaware of the concept of pet wellness plans. The basic idea behind these insurance plans is that a wellness plan is designed to help you offset the costs of annual routine care for your pets.

On the other hand, a full plan is designed for an insurance company to provide you with emergency care coverage and protection against serious ailments. With that said, we're going to show you why you'll want the wellness plan add-ons to your insurance plans.

What Help Does Wellness Coverage Provide?

As we've mentioned, a pet insurance policy is very unique compared to wellness coverage, so we have to examine what the latter provides. Essentially, you obtain this coverage from a pet health insurance company and you get a lot of preventive health care coverage.

Many of the services you obtain through wellness care are first-year preventive care and services that are part of a routine care plan. Thus, a wellness plan helps you get the introductory vet visits while getting reimbursements and not having to worry about a deductible in most cases.

You can count on getting checkups that cover things such as heartworm tests, spay and neuter services, blood tests, microchipping, heartworm prevention, deworming, dental cleaning, and other aspects of your pet’s needs. Most people get wellness coverage in anticipation of microchip, spaying, neutering, and teeth cleaning, but every pet insurance providers' offerings are slightly different.

You are getting basic veterinary care with a wellness plan, and that's about the scope of it.

Will Pet Insurance Give Me Wellness Coverage Too?

The long and short of this answer is no. That being said, there are some elements that will overlap between a pet insurance plan and wellness packages. For example, you can often get dental care as part of your standard insurance plan as well as in a wellness plan. That being said, a pet insurance plan is often more geared towards preventing major costs.

For example, if you took your pet for urinalysis, wellness coverage could often help you foot the bill. Yet, there are exclusions and limitations to that form of coverage. If your pet's results showed a serious illness, then you would need illness coverage to take care of the vet bills. The same goes for a lot of other issues.

It's helpful to think of wellness coverage as giving pet owners inexpensive preventative care rather than something which will cover all the bills that a pet incurs throughout their lives.

Are Pet Wellness Plans Worth It?

That leads us to the final question: should you contact a pet insurance company and get a wellness plan? In many cases, they are worth it for the typical needs such as:

  • vaccinations
  • spay/neuter
  • fecal examinations
  • teeth cleaning

Yet, you should consider the limitations of the coverage. You may want to have some means of covering your pet in the event of major injuries or high costs like x-rays and hip dysplasia. You need to consider your pet, their pre-existing conditions, and likely health concerns to determine what is the right choice for you.

Every pet parent wants what is best for their furry family member. While pet insurance can take care of a lot of costs, there are times when you might want to simply pet wellness plans to keep your costs low on recurring, common costs.