It’s ‘Take Your Pet To Work Week’, but this year, that won’t change up our routine! We’re all getting used to this #WFH life and the thought of going back to work can be overwhelming. Especially for those who adopted a pet during quarantine. We’ve all been home 24/7 over the past few months, so new puppies most likely haven’t been left alone for longer than a quick trip to the grocery store.

In reality, the majority of modern pet parents lead busy lives, and our dogs often end up spending several hours of the day home alone. A bored dog may end up spending their time engaging in destructive behavior such as biting your favorite couch. Welp!

Tips and tricks to keep your dog entertained while you are away
Tips and tricks to keep your dog entertained while you are away

Have no fear - there ARE ways to keep your dog entertained while home alone. Here are some suggestions:

Fill a hollow toy with a treat or peanut butter

Kong makes great toys that keep your pup entertained for hours. Want to extend the entertainment? Fill a Kong with peanut butter and leave it in the freezer overnight! *Note: We recommend consulting with your vet prior to feeding your dog peanut butter.

Leave the television or music on

I personally have a Netflix profile for my pup, and I leave dog programming on. Her favorite is Hotel For Dogs. I also find that leaving calming music on keeps her feeling less lonely.

Purchase a puzzle toy

Puzzle toys are another interactive way to keep your dog occupied for hours. These are great, low-cost entertainment options.

Schedule puppy playdates

Do your friends or neighbors have pups too? Leaving the dogs together will allow for more socialization and less boredom. If you use a dog walker during the day, doubling up with a neighbor will help lower the cost as well!

Bring your dog to daycare

If you plan on spending extended hours away from home, consider doggy daycare. It’s a great way to keep your pup entertained - and it helps socialize them with other pets, which is important when going out in public. Many doggy daycare centers have grooming as well, so you can use your Wagmo Wellness plan to get a cut while they’re at daycare!

Provide a view of the outdoors

Leaving your shades up when you leave the house is great for dogs who love the outdoors. This might not be the best idea for barkers, but most dogs enjoy being able to have a view of the great outdoors.

Invest in a puppy cam

We watch our babies while they why can’t we watch our pups while we’re gone? Having a puppy cam is a great way to see what your dog is up to while you’re out of the house. Some cameras even have a treat dispenser that allows you to talk to your pet and give them a treat!

Have any other questions about leaving your dog at home? At Wagmo, we’re all pet owners and have dealt with this ourselves. We love chatting all things cats and dogs, so feel free to slide into our DMs or reach out to us at!