There is no way you can predict when your pet will fall sick or what serious condition might arise in the future. Even the healthiest pets can meet with an accident or get a severe acute or chronic illness at any given time. Most pet parents defer investing in a pet insurance plan.

Pet parents think that their pets may not require a pet insurance plan, or that they can take care of the pet’s needs without the help of a professional. But this isn't true in all cases or for every pet and unique situation that might arise.

Wagmo pet insurance plans help you bear the financial burdens associated with pet health care, accidents and illnesses. It prepares pet parents for an emergency that may occur  at any stage of life and that would affect the health condition of their pets.

So, if you wonder, is it too late for pet insurance…well the answer will be no. When you are faced with your furry friend being diagnosed with a medical condition or needing an immediate and unexpected vet expense the answer you would have wished to have said is yes to pet health care and an affordable pet insurance plan.

Most pet insurance plans do not cover pre-existing medical conditions, meaning you need to invest in an insurance plan before a catastrophe strikes.

Below are some of the most common exclusions from many pet insurance plans:

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

As mentioned above, pet insurance plans no matter how comprehensive coverage might seem, they do not cover any pre-existing medical condition your pet may have. The health condition may include genetic disorders, structural deformity, and allergies. The medical history is often divided into curable and incurable diseases. In most cases, incurable diseases are excluded from a pet insurance plan. There are other types of pre-existing medical conditions as well like:

1) Bilateral Conditions or Injuries

Bilateral conditions affect both sides of the body of your pets. It includes health conditions like cataracts, ligament issues, hip and elbow dysplasia, and patella/knee issues. If your pet is suffering from any of these conditions on one side of the body, it will be excluded from the pet insurance plan as the chances of the illness spreading to other body parts are high.

2) Degenerative Conditions

Degenerative conditions like arthritis or osteoarthritis and myelopathy severely affect the organs or tissues of your pets. Degenerative myelopathy can cause progressive paralysis in adult dogs. These conditions critically affect the mobility or movement of the pets along with abnormal bowel movements.

3) Chronic Conditions

Chronic health conditions include diabetes, thyroid, gastrointestinal issues, and arthritis. These health problems can be genetic or develop over time in your pets. And pet insurance companies do not provide coverage against such conditions, considering the seriousness, cost of treatment, and health care needs.

Pregnancy and Breeding

Most companies completely exclude pregnancy or/and birth from a pet insurance plan. So, if your cat or dog is pregnant, you have to bear the cost unless you opt for coverage that supports you financially in case of a complication. Breeding is also subject to exclusion in most pet insurance plans as there are many complications associated with the process.

How About Routine Wellness Exams & Visits?

Anything related to the routine care and needs of your pet is excluded from a pet insurance plan. If it includes dental care, microchipping, grooming, and vaccinations this is where you’ll need a pet insurance with wellness and dental. Routine wellness exams are on a more casual per need-basis and therefore, most pet insurance companies leave that to the pet parents to decide whether they can afford these expenses on a routine basis or not, as it is generally less scary to think about than the price of an unexpected emergency or surgery.

However, you can opt for a pet wellness plan or include that in your existing pet insurance plan during your research or after taking Wagmo’s  pet insurance quiz.


Most pet insurance companies do not provide coverage to senior pets, considering their age and health conditions. Adult pets are susceptible to severe health conditions, including allergies, infections, broken bones, accidents. and dental problems. If a company offers a pet insurance plan for adult pets, it will be expensive because they need special treatment, routine veterinary screenings, and medical help.

Is it too late for pet insurance? This question will always surround you if you strike off the importance of pet insurance plans for your pets based on specific life stages. The benefits and peace of mind a pet insurance plan or pet wellness plan will  bring to your life is always worth the investment when it comes to your furbaby’s care.

It helps your pets stay protected against any unprecedented event that may come in the future. Also, a pet insurance plan makes pet healthcare more accessible and affordable for every pet parent.

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