Pet parents, new or seasoned, are liable to get nervous or baffled about a lot of things – whether it be a behavior you haven’t seen in your pet before (your cat stares in one direction for 20 minutes at a time) or an experience that can’t be easily Googled (you accidentally mixed up your dog and rabbit’s meds). In these cases the first thought, especially for first time pet parents, is “should I call the vet?” – but what if it’s the middle of the night, and all you need is a trusted professional to give you some simple advice? If you’re a Wagmo Deluxe customer, that advice is right at your fingertips as soon as you open our app! Enter: VETalk.

VETalk is Wagmo’s new in-app, 24hr service that can connect you with a veterinary professional in 2 minutes or less! Through VETalk, you can have helpful conversations with actual veterinarians and vet assistants who will chat with you to make sure your pet is allowed to eat the thing they just stole from your plate, who will give you advice on everything from diet to outdoor gear (we’re looking at you, snow booties!), and will watch the video of your dog making a weird sound while they’re asleep. With VETalk, there are no dumb questions and no situation that is too outlandish! Our experienced veterinarians and vet techs have heard it all and are here to help! Plus, you won’t have to wait until an appropriate hour to call your vet or make an unnecessary emergency appointment at 3am.

Wagmo wants to make pet parenting not only easier but more affordable for you, too. The costs of vet visits may vary by state but being able to chat with a veterinary professional first, no matter what time of day, can save you a lot of money! We’ve done our homework: Seeing your vet, even for what could turn out to be a non-emergency, can be costly. In NYC, a vet visit alone can cost anywhere from $65-$150. That price is only liable to increase based on your pet’s size, if further tests are administered to ensure your pet’s health, and if you make an emergency vet visit (weekends, late night, holidays).

VETalk is a fast, easy way to stay on top of your pet’s health, without having to worry about the time or place! With Wagmo’s Deluxe plan, you’ll get VETalk’s amazing support plus extra coverage for Wellness services like Grooming, Heartworm, Flea & Tick Prevention, Dental Care and much more! Sign up for/upgrade to a Wagmo Deluxe Plan today to take advantage of all the ways Wagmo Wellness empowers you to be the coolest, most confident pet parent on the block.

If you have any other questions about your Wagmo plan, reach out to our Customer Support Team, or visit our VETalk page - we’re always happy to help!

PLEASE NOTE: VETalk is not an emergency care service. In case of emergency (ie: loss of appetite, excessive vomiting) immediately contact an emergency care provider.