The Christmas season begins for many right after Halloween. The season is full of loads of tinsel, ornaments, comfy sweaters, and of course the Christmas tree. This can be just as exciting for our animals as it is for us. Many dogs and cats love to get involved and check out all the new decor. In order to have the perfect holiday season it’s important we avoid any pet and Christmas decoration mishaps. Here are some tips to help you avoid a Christmas 2021 disaster.

Decoration Dangers

If you’re a Christmas lover then you probably transform your home during the holidays. This can mean a lot of fun decorations for our pets to play with. This can be quite dangerous for them and it’s important to keep our animals in mind while decorating.

Climbing The Christmas Tree

When we bring a Christmas tree into the house we can’t blame our pets for being interested in it. It can be a very exciting time. So how can we stop them or discourage them from climbing it?

Consider tying your Christmas tree to the ceiling, wall, doorframe, or banisters. One of the easiest ways to secure your Christmas tree is to use a hook hanging from the ceiling. Find a joist and drill a pilot hole, then use an eye bolt and hook to secure the tree. Using a fishing line can be one of the easiest ways to secure the top of the tree to the eye bolt.

Ornaments & Decorations

Ornaments and other decorations around the home can be hazardous to our curious pets. Broken ornaments are an obvious one with broken glass and plastic bits everywhere. They can also be easily grabbed by our pets off the tree.

The best way to avoid broken ornaments this year is to keep the fragile ones up high and put the softer, durable ones closer to the bottom. Some pet parents avoid ornaments at the bottom of their trees altogether.

Tinsel is also something that pets could become curious about and ingest. This can cause intestinal blockages and might require an emergency trip to the vet.

Dressing Up Your Pet For The Holidays

There are so many adorable holiday sweaters and Santa, elf, and reindeer pet costumes out there! They can be super cute for a holiday photo or Christmas card. If you choose to dress your furry friend up this year try and avoid anything with hanging or dangling parts. This can cause them to chew on their outfits and ingest strings etc. It could also lead to someone stepping on their outfit resulting in a human or animal injury.

Watch for signs of heat exhaustion. A cute sweater can be great when taking your dog outside for a walk, but leaving clothing on a cat or dog indoors can become a bit toasty for them. If your pet seems extremely lethargic after having their outfit on, call your veterinarian immediately. They might ask you to come in for a check-up, another reason pet health insurance plans might come in handy this holiday season.

Hosting Holiday Parties

If you plan on hosting a holiday party this year make sure to make a plan for your pets as well as your guests.

For Anxious Pets

If you have anxious pets that don’t enjoy ‘strangers’ in their home, you can set them up in a quiet space for the party. If your dog or cat has a favorite room, get them set up with food, water and lots of cozy spots.

For dogs, this usually includes their crates as this is meant to be their safe space. If your pet is extremely anxious and gets sick or just extremely upset, try talking to your veterinarian to get tips on how to best calm them down.

Pet wellness insurance covers routine vet office visits and if any prescription medication, such as anti-anxiety meds are prescribed to your pet then pet health insurances offered by pet insurance companies can help cover those costs.

Prepare Your Guests

If your animals are okay with having people in their home then they might be part of the party. If this is the case make sure to warn your guests that your animals will be around. If your guests ask to bring their own pets we recommend politely declining unless their pet is a common visitor.

Make sure your animals are somewhere safe during greetings and goodbyes to ensure they don’t sneak out the door. Supervising our pets during holiday parties can become more difficult with so much going on. You would be shocked about how many animals get out after holiday parties and explore the neighborhood. This can be very dangerous if you live somewhere that gets very cold in December. Your animal could risk frostbite and other injuries, as well as the constant danger from passing vehicles.

Holiday Food & Treats

There are many different types of food that can be poisonous to our animals, and during the holidays many of these dangerous foods are commonly consumed.

Chocolate: One of the most gifted and consumed holiday treats is chocolate. Unfortunately, though, it is also one of the most toxic substances for dogs. Chocolate is full of theobromine and caffeine, and when ingested by dogs can cause muscle tremors or even seizures. A Pet insurance plan can offer you peace of mind during the holidays where chocolate is around every corner.

Turkey & Turkey Skin: Many pet parents don’t always know that turkey and turkey skin can cause pancreatitis in some animals. So if your dog has never had turkey before we recommend refraining from offering them any this holiday season to stay safe.

Baked Goods & Candy: There are certain things in a lot of popular holiday treats that can be dangerous to our animals. Artificial sweeteners and xylitol (found in candy) have both been directly linked to dog liver failure. Keep the candy canes high up on the Christmas tree and try not to leave any treats on the coffee table or in reach of your pets.

Many veterinarians would agree that the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of the year. This is due to both our animals getting into food that they shouldn’t, injuries caused by decorations, or even weather-related issues like joint stiffness, slipping on ice, frostbite, and more. In order to ensure your pets get through both the winter and the holiday season with a clean bill of health, you should consider pet health insurance and pet wellness plans.

Pet health insurance will cover any emergency vet visits, diagnostics, prescription medication, and any other costs associated with an unexpected illness or injury. Pet wellness insurance is for preventative care. This includes getting your animals vaccinated, flea and heartworm prevention, grooming, and dental cleaning and care.
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