Dog grooming is not just to help your dog smell like a rose and looks like a million bucks. It can also be highly beneficial to your dog's overall health and having a dog wellness plan can really make all the difference in your furry best friend's quality of life. This blog covers some top health conditions that a pet wellness plan and professional grooming services can help prevent.

Health Conditions Common In Ungroomed Dogs

We promise we are not being dramatic. Bathing your dog is an essential part of keeping them healthy. While it is always nice to cuddle with a freshly groomed dog, there are many more benefits than just that. Some common medical conditions and issues can be avoided with regular grooming and pet wellness coverage.

Clogged Anal Glands

Let's get this one out of the way first. Not regularly cleaning and trimming your dog's hair can begin to affect their rear end. It is crucial to make a habit of checking and grooming your dogs behind. Why? Well, hair can become stuck to feces and obstruct the two anal glands on either side of the anus. A block left for too long can become infected and be extremely painful for our dogs. A foul smell and scooting their booty on the ground is usually a good indicator that something is wrong down there.

If you have a long-haired dog, it is safe to assume that every time they need the hair trimmed away from their eyes, they also need hair trimmed away from their anus.

Damaged Paw Pads & Worse Arthritis

One of the most important parts of a doggy spa day is getting their nails trimmed. Frequently and routinely trimming our dog's nails is an integral part of their paw health. It is essential to leave the trimming to the professionals, though. This is because of the blood vessels in the dog's nails. If you accidentally cut the blood vessel, it can be super painful for the dog. This can lead them to begin fearing having their nails trimmed.

Groomed nails are crucial for not only ensuring your dog looks fresh but provides integrity and health of their paws. When dogs' nails grow too long to be comfortable, they will begin to walk on the sides of their feet. This is, of course, super damaging to the dog's paws and can lead to arthritis as well as severe bone deformations. Pet wellness coverage will make sure your dog's nail length will never get to this point.

Skin Irritation & Infections

Long-haired dogs can quickly begin forming hair mats when not regularly brushed or bathed. These mats can cause extremely painful skin irritations and skin diseases to form under the hair. Long-haired dogs should get brushed daily, and receive professional grooming appointments as often as possible‚Äďat least every six months. If your dog's coat does get matted, never try to cut the mats out yourself. This is a job for professionals as cutting your dog's skin can worsen infections and inflammation.

Getting your dog in the bath with a professional groomer also gives them a chance to inspect the dog's fur. Often groomers are the first ones to notice fleas and ticks. Fleas and ticks are both super common but can also be super dangerous if not caught. They are burrowing in your dog's skin, causing infections and sucking on their blood, causing anemia.

Pet Wellness Coverage For Grooming

Wagmo Wellness offers dog wellness plans designed to help pet parents cover the cost of routine care visits, such as the groomers. Dog parents, especially long-haired dog parents, frequent the groomers between 2-4 times a year.

With Wagmo pet wellness coverage, we have helped significantly reduce the cost of your dog's grooming services. Get a clean, fresh, healthy dog for a fraction of the price. The best part about Wagmo's dog wellness plans is that you can begin using the plan right away, with no waiting period.

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