Halloween is (arguably) the best holiday of the year but for pets... it can be a nightmare. A lot of things have the potential to go south, especially as we deal with the COVID-19 situation - but with some prep work, you and your furry friend can have a blast.

Here’s a list of things you can do to make sure the night’s full of treats, and no tricks.

1.  Did Someone Say Sleepover?

That’s right, bring your furry friend inside! With the commotion going on outside, opt to keep your pet indoors. It’ll help prevent crowds too; anyone that sees your pet outside will probably want to go and pet them (who could blame them?). This is especially a good idea if you aren’t sure how your pet will react to strangers, since your pet might get overwhelmed or nervous. Keeping them in a quiet room inside will prevent that.

2.  Candy is for Kids, Not Pets

The worst side effect of eating candy for humans is usually just a wicked sugar rush, but for your pet, it can be dangerous. Many of these sweets contain xylitol, an ingredient that has been linked to liver failure and other health problems in pets. Make sure that your candy is out of reach from your dog or cat. We also recommend putting your candy in separate bags to help reduce the potential spread of germs. Don’t forget to get your pets some treats of their own for the holiday!

3.  Jack-O’-Lanterns + Pets = Recipe For Disaster

This one is pretty self explanatory; a pet knocking over a jack-o’-lantern or other decoration could result in harm to your pet or a fire — yikes! Just like the candy, make sure to keep decorations in spots your pet can’t access. You can always get them a Halloween-themed toy to play with instead.

4.  ID, Please!

Although your pet might be staying inside, it’s always possible that they could escape while you’re busy answering the door. There’s a much greater chance that your will be returned to you if they are wearing a collar with an identification tag or have a microchip. If this does happen, don’t forget to wear your mask and bring hand sanitizer to pick up your pet safely!

5.  Time For A Fashion Show

We totally understand you might want to include your furry friend in the Halloween festivities so before the big night, test out your pet’s costume and make sure that it fits properly. Check to make sure that the costume doesn’t restrict breathing and that the size is right. This will also let your pet get used to wearing the costume (along with prolonging the Halloween cheer).

Tips and tricks to keep your pet safe during Halloween
Tips and tricks to keep your pet safe during Halloween

Keeping your pets safe doesn’t need to be stressful as long as you prepare and take precautions. Do you have any advice for pet owners this Halloween? Let us know by messaging us on Instagram @meetwagmo!