French Bulldogs are adaptive, amiable, and super adorable, making them the most popular dog breed in the world. French Bulldogs were ranked as the second most popular dog breed in the USA, after Labrador Retrievers, in 2021.

French Bulldogs, commonly known as “Frenchies” make a great companion as they are witty, well-behaved and adapt fairly quickly and well to new environments and family settings. French Bulldogs make the perfect companion for single pet parents as well as they are fun to be around and pretty low maintenance when it comes to living habits.

They do not need extensive routines that involve outdoor exercise or daily walks, like a bigger dog would. Frenchies prefer living in a cozy and comfortable indoor setting and snuggling up to their pet parent, a quick game of fetch or chewing on their favorite toy. However, French Bulldogs are known to have a lot of health-related problems when it comes to their respiratory system, as they are a flat faced breed.

Frenchies are susceptible to having a variety of genetic health problems along with different acute and chronic illnesses. These health issues may invite some high vet bills and other expenses for pet parents as this breed requires routine veterinary screenings, vet visit checkups, treatment and potential lifelong medications.

To offset the cost of medical help, treatment, and medication, you can subscribe to pet insurance for dogs and enjoy comprehensive coverage in and avoid a long waiting period when it comes to reimbursements. Wagmo offers the fastest reimbursement in the industry. Wagmo also provides the best pet insurance and wellness plans for French Bulldogs, helping dog parents take care of their canine friend without worrying about the expenses.

Why French Bulldog Owners Need Dog Insurance

Below are some of the common health problems that you’ll want your Frenchie to be covered for:

  1. Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a degenerative skeletal disorder that results in limited to zero inactivity, arthritis, and excessive pain. In hip dysplasia, the socket joint and ball of the hip fail to develop correctly, which results in an abnormal and deformed structure.

The key causes for this condition in French Bulldogs include genetic disorder, excessive strain on hip joints, over-exercising, and obesity or being overweight. Hip dysplasia cannot be treated completely, but a dog wellness plan can improve the condition through routine veterinary support and medication.

  1. Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

Frenchies are at a 30-times greater risk of getting this obstructive airways syndrome than other dogs. BOAS is a severe breathing problem that occurs due to allergies, elongated soft palate, flat face, and tracheal collapse. You may notice symptoms like loud snoring, intolerance to heat/cold, gagging, sleep apnea, vomiting, heavy breathing, and choking. BAOS is treatable through surgical treatment. Having the best pet insurance for dogs helps Frenchie owners to prepare for unpredictable medical expenses.

  1. Hemivertebrae

It is a critical congenital condition in which the spinal vertebrae of a French Bulldog are deformed or have developed abnormally. This deformity results in a twisted and compressed spinal cord. In some severe cases of hemivertebrae, you may notice weak hind limbs and abnormal bowel and urinary movement in your Frenchies. In this condition, dog insurance helps in early diagnosis through X-rays, top-notch medical assistance, and prescribed treatment or surgery.

  1. Skin Fold Dermatitis

Dermatitis is a common skin problem among French Bulldogs because of their folded facial skin. The nose and muzzle are covered with a wrinkled blob of skin, a key reason that leads to this skin problem. Apart from the face, dermatitis can occur in other body parts, including the neck and crotches.

You may notice signs like excessive itching, scratching, redness, and sore skin. The best way to prevent and treat dermatitis is through routine veterinary screening and checkups. A veterinarian may advise you to keep the skin folds clean and dry using medication or other methods that prevent skin fold dermatitis in your Frenchie.

  1. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is one of the common health issues found in French Bulldogs. Frenchies are extremely sensitive to parasites, e.coli and viruses, and all of these are causes of severe stomach upset. You may notice symptoms like a wet stool with a foul smell, digestive issues, and loss of appetite. In some critical cases, your Frenchie may lose weight or have a fever. With regular veterinarian health checkups, you can help your French Bulldog’s stomach feel at ease. The best way to monitor the problems related to the digestive system is by getting a dog insurance plan, as it provides access to your dog’s overall health and development.

Wagmo: Best Pet Insurance for French Bulldogs

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Along with the best insurance for French Bulldogs, Wagmo lets you choose your service provider and qualified veterinarian through in-home or in-office telemedicine. Our carefully designed reimbursement model lets you take care of your Frenchie without worrying about the cost of treatments and regular veterinarian visits.